Somewhere in San Myshuno, just around that corner, there it is behind a welcoming door. Or maybe it’s tucked away in a mall at Magnolia Promenade, or out on the island of Windenburg. It’s That Noodle Place. You know, the one your sim loves, but can’t remember the name of? Where they serve sushi and dango but mostly that really good ramen, the kind that gets all over your shirt? One location, many dimensions; not that anyone would know it. From the dives of Del Sol Valley to the wharfs of Brindleton Bay, one little noodle shop has brought a whole lot of high-quality ramen to sims across many Worlds…

And it’s hiring.

Welcome to the Noodlezone, a strange place at the crossroads of computers. Technically existing as a Save on my computer, the Noodlezone is actually an interdimensional noodle shop that exists in every world into which it is placed. Characters from any story can visit in one of two ways: by visiting an iteration of That Noodle Place that has been built in their save, or by being added to the Noodlezone save and popping up in gameplay.

That Noodle Place also accepts job applications! Through jiggery-pokery magic, your sim can become a cook, host, or waiter in the Noodlezone iteration of their favorite eatery.

If you want to use That Noodle Place for a scene in your story, go ahead! It and its owner(s), Amya and Don, are available on the Gallery. If you don’t have a peripheral pack used, I can probably remove it. If you do use or reference That Noodle Place, please tell me – so I can link it on this page!

The Noodlezone is a friendly place where all things are possible, so all occurrences therein are debatably canonical. All continuity is decided by the writers of the participating sims! This means that sims can make cameos in the Noodlezone without it being canon, but other sims can canonically visit or work there. In addition, since interdimensional noodle shops are questionably tethered to time, space, and reality, any and all local adjustments to That Noodle Place and its staff are considered Noodlezone Accurate.

Whew, that was a lot! With that out of the way…

Stories in the Noodlezone

Noodlezone Proper