Strange Days

Twelve years ago, something crash-landed in Strangerville and turned the small town into a desert wasteland. The area was quickly quarantined, and since then no news has emerged. Since the first deployment of military troops, there has been no changing of the guard. To the outside world, Strangerville is a black hole. For all they know, there are no humans left.

Inside the restricted zone, however, life goes on. People struggle to keep hope alive in shelters underground. The radio waves went silent only a few months into the quarantine, and since then Strangerville has been cut off from the outside world. The military keeps a tight lid on civilian activity, but the seeds of resistance are forming…

This is the story of the four weeks that led to the reestablishment of contact with Strangerville, as told by the personal writings of the people who were there.

They were strange days.

Week One

Zero Hour

Day 1


Read the first draft of Week One’s Zero Hour here!