Week 1 Day 2

The sun is up, and so are the noodle shop workers (though they aren’t all happy about it.)

11-11-17_1:51:43 PM.png

What’s this? A cat tree? It wasn’t always there, was it? Yeah, it was definately always there. But why?

11-11-17_1:54:34 PM.png

Huh? Who is this? Is he a stray?

11-11-17_1:55:54 PM.png

“Nope!” says Amya. “He’s Donburi, the restaurant cat.”

11-11-17_1:57:21 PM.png

“Just keep doing your jobs, everyone! You’ll get used to him.”

11-11-17_1:58:45 PM.png

Aaand I didn’t manage to capture it, but Sept just used telepathy on Amya! Good thing she likes aliens.

11-11-17_2:00:24 PM.png

Almaz is back! But what’s with the evil grin, Jeremy?

11-11-17_2:03:16 PM.png

This townie is wowed!

11-11-17_2:04:14 PM.png

Don is pleased.

11-11-17_2:05:56 PM.png

Amya was getting low on fun, so I had her play with Don…

11-11-17_2:07:17 PM.png

OHMYGODTHELASERPOINTERCHANGESBASEDONEMOTION!!!!!! (She was confident after “discovering” Sept.)

Almaz and a townie are happy with their food and impressed by wait times!

11-11-17_2:09:18 PM.png

Well, someone’s happy!

11-11-17_2:10:42 PM.png

After that little Don session, Amya was feeling Playful… so I had her do it again!

11-11-17_2:12:11 PM.png

*barely audible squee*

Jeremy was surly at a customer… (though again, I didn’t catch it). He’s Very Dissatisfied with his job.

11-11-17_2:15:53 PM.png

I decided that the cat tree is going to reflect overall reviews, rounded down- we’re at three stars, so have a new cat tree! (Technically it’s 3.5.)

11-11-17_2:19:48 PM.png

Don approves.

11-11-17_2:21:55 PM.png

Two ticked customers against Jeremy… he might just end up leaving! Sept, on the other hand, hasn’t gone off once.

11-11-17_2:24:47 PM.png

Ooh! A critic! He’s going to be the last customer, though; everyone’s getting tired.

11-11-17_2:26:13 PM.png

He gave us a 4-star review! That brings our overall up to 4 stars! New cat tree time, Don!

11-11-17_2:33:27 PM.png

Everyone is unhappy with their jobs… maybe it’s promotion time?

Tell me what you think, and I’ll see you next time!


Bonus images:

11-11-17_2:39:46 PM.png


11-11-17_2:40:35 PM.png



2 Replies to “Week 1 Day 2”

  1. Oh, the lazer-thing with emotions is so awesome! And I love how you’re upgrading the cat tree based on performance! Talk about staff motivation! “Quick! We can’t disappoint Kedi! Kedi needs a byu tree! Snap to it, jotujo!”

    Liked by 1 person

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