A New Home

This is the main page for the further adventures of the Lujan family and McKenna’s Refugee Center.

Prologue: Yippee

McKenna’s Refugee Center

1: Welcoming New Arrivals

The current refugee team:

Morgan Gunn

03-17-16_5:25:50 PM.png

Branden Wright03-17-16_5:26:01 PM.png

Kaylin Wing

03-17-16_5:26:10 PM.png

Gloria Carabajal

03-17-16_5:26:21 PM.png

Clint Collins

03-17-16_5:26:31 PM.png

If you are interested in any of these sims, read up on them in McKenna’s Refugee Center, leave a comment to indicate your interest, or message me (Xantheanmar) on the forums directly for more information if you want one of them in your story!