Pen Pals

This is the home page for Moon Halo, Alien Song, and Mossy Stone, my pen pal stories.

Moon Halo

The correspondence of Aylin and Yuko Ikeda, cross-referenced between sites.

Aylin’s profile

Yuko’s profile

Aylin-Yuko 1

Yuko-Aylin 1

Aylin-Yuko 2

Alien Song

The cross-referenced correspondence of Dove Singer and Meadow McCumber.

Meadow’s profile

Dove’s profile

Meadow-Dove 1

Dove-Meadow 1

Meadow-Dove 2

Dove-Meadow 2

Meadow-Dove 3

Dove-Meadow 3

Meadow-Dove 4

Dove-Meadow 4

Meadow-Dove 5

Dove-Meadow 5

Meadow-Dove 6

Dove-Meadow 6

Meadow-Dove 7

Dove-Meadow 7

Meadow-Dove 8

Dove-Meadow 8

Meadow-Dove 9

Dove-Meadow 9

Meadow-Dove 10

Dove-Meadow 10

Mossy Stone

The mysterious letters of Kiana Moss and Anya.

Kiana’s profile

Anya’s profile

K: A letter to Anya

A: Sun Gravy

K: Gathering Flowers

A: The Persistence of Salami

K: Planting Seeds

A: Saponification

K: Glow Garden

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