Dove-Marisol 7


I apologise. That wasn’t very polite of me.

How much can you tell me about your situation? What happened? Were the infants deposited with any sort of notes or birth certificates?

I am unsure if higher-ups know I’m in contact with you at this point. I may not be allowed much to do with these children. Care for them as you would a human baby. If you tell any doctor that you recently suffered from unexpected weight gain, they’ll be puzzled but connect you with an authorized and reliable pediatrician.

I’m sorry for being cryptic. Generally we’re not supposed to know about this kind of thing or interfere. I am probably not supposed to tell you what I’m telling you right now. If I get authorization to be your Host Information Provider, I’ll tell you more.

I’m sorry. I haven’t even asked if you live in a GA or AA sector. Is this your first experience with aliens? Were you previously aware of aliens? If so, there’s much more I’m allowed to tell you. Your letter mentions traits, so that’s a good sign.

I am so sorry that this has been thrust upon you. My bitties were unplanned for, but I love them dearly. Thanks to my dear wife I wasn’t a single mother, but I can sympathize with you greatly. If you need money, I can try to help. My work is going well at the moment and I just won an award with a cash prize, so we have enough to give.

Marisol, whatever happens to you and your new children, I will support you in whatever ways I can. I promise that.




My parents died.

05-15-17_9:57:50 AM.png

My name was Sabine, I was the miller’s daughter. I had two parents who loved me very much, and they died. My sister fell in love with a man who didn’t love her, I was angry and sad, I ran out in the night and I drowned in the mill pond.

I’m sorry. You’ve had so much sorrow in your life recently and I’m just adding more. But your sister is just as sad as you are. We may be children, but we feel grown up inside, and that matters. Being sad and depressed is fine, but don’t think that we don’t feel the same just because we are children.

I like your new haircut.

-Sabine Universe

Dove-Meadow 11

Dear Meadow,

There was never any doubt on my end that I would join your support system. You are a very good friend of mine. Of course I will support you.

I am so happy for you! Learning has always been a passion of mine. I, however, work in a field where we are always learning new things. Many other fields are not so ever-expanding as the STEM ones, so I’m very happy that you’re going to go back and learn even more!

A masters in art therapy seems like it is the perfect fit for your chosen life path! The more you learn, the more you can help others. That’s why I went into science: to carve out a new path to exciting places that may have the solution to the problems of others. I’ve been officially named laboratory leader, and I’m up for the annual Pioneer of New Technologies award, but that’s just words. The real accomplishments are the people I can help and the work I do.

05-14-17_9:43:36 AM.png

I’m so glad Micah can be in your support group too, and that she’s studying music therapy. It’s good that she’s found some peace. I’m also glad for your continuing friendship with Mizuki, and I hope you two become lifelong friends.

It’s good that you found a nanny Jena likes. You’ll need him when you go back to school.

I’m glad things are working out for your brother! A relationship working out is a very fine thing.

Speaking of relationships…

Maki and I went to the romance festival last week and tried the sakura tea. It was.. powerful. (Honestly, it gave me an idea for some stuff we’re doing at work, but that’s another story.)

03-02-17_6:40:10 AM.png

She was just glowing, and I had never felt so happy. The next thing I did may be the single decision I am most sure about in my whole life.

03-02-17_6:44:25 AM.png

I asked Maki Sasaki, the most beautiful woman I have ever known, to marry me.

03-02-17_6:44:41 AM.png

She said yes.

03-02-17_6:45:43 AM.png

We held a small ceremony at the festival. I was shaking, but Maki steadied me through the whole thing.

03-02-17_6:45:57 AM.png

I’ve read about festival weddings, even seen some, but I never thought I’d be in one. Everyone clapped, the girls were appalled, and I felt like the luckiest person in the world. I would have invited you, but there was no way I could have known ahead of time. We plan on having another ceremony in a year to commemorate, so you are definitely invited to that!

Taste of Diet and Weight of the World aren’t the only new formulations that may be making their way to store shelves– I’ll tell you more when we release them!

The thought forums are really fun! You open your mind all the way, so all thoughts enter your mind and all thoughts leave. There’s no way of knowing whose thoughts are whose, so anonymity is complete. The whole place is full of bean bags and mats because with so many thoughts in your head you don’t have the space to focus on standing up. Every hour, attendants come in to disconnect everyone so that we don’t get stuck and forget to leave, work, and eat. It’s amazing!

Exchanging emotions is a part of conversation. We broadcast our emotions to the other person or people, and they do the same for us throughout conversation, keeping an emotional link going while we talk, so we each know how the other feels about what we’re saying. This allows us to engage more in conversation and makes every conversation somewhat therapeutic. Even without telepathy, I suggest you try it– simply make time in conversation to tell a person how you honestly feel while you talk, and ask them to do the same.

Meadow, while I’ve never met you in person, I believe in what you do. I’m sure that whatever you do with your life, you will do it as a good and honest person for the benefit of others. Trust yourself, and go forwards.



Dove-Marisol 5

Dear Marisol,

I’m so happy that it’s going to be your birthday! I’m sorry about the long hours and tests, but I’m happy to hear you had fun at the spice festival! I make lots of pho at home, so by the time they’re old enough to enter the challenge they’ll be spice hounds and chopstick champions to boot!

In our free time, we like to go to the city park and picnic. Kiya loves to chase pigeons!

I am glad to hear that you are feeling better. Visiting your parent’s graves must have been very difficult for you. I feel obligated to tell you, though, that there is nothing wrong with crying. Crying too much may drag you down, but it’s important to air your feelings.

I see you wearing your new spice festival t-shirt in one of the photos. I love festival t-shirts! Here is a photo of me in one of mine!

05-13-17_10:42:22 AM.png

I was amused by your toddler-washing photo. I remember those days well. How wet did you get?

Well, I have work to do, so I’ll end this letter here. Read you later!




Hello, Isobel! This is me, Uni (that’s Universe, not Unicorn) writing back to you!

I’m sorry if we weren’t super-duper clear. Me, Universe, the one talking- I’m the ghost. And me, Christy Galea, the one writing, I’m alive. Sorry about that!

Ghosts are a lot like normal people, I suppose! I take naps out of habit, and sometimes I eat food just for fun. I can kinda taste it, too, especially spicy food! The real big thing is that I walk through walls! Oh, and drip, too. We have to keep cleaning up puddles. It’s cool that you saw me!

It’s good that you have so many friends! I didn’t used to have too many friends, but CG is my bestest friend now and we go everywhere together cause I don’t really have anything else to do. Thank you for the pictures! We had to throw them away, because we can’t really carry them or put them up, but it was nice of you to send them. It’s cool that you’re friends with an alien! I’ve never met an alien. Is she green?

What’s a date? CG couldn’t really tell me about dates, but I guess it’s a thing you do when you like someone? I hope he likes you back, because the boy my big sister liked just wanted to look up her skirts. He wasn’t very nice.

CG: Tu as- oh pardon, tu as eu une grande sœur?

U: Oui! Elle s’appelle Sophie, et nous nous aimons beaucoup! …Nous nous avons aimées beaucoup.

CG: Oh, Uni…

CG says that she never saw people painting where she was from, but she thought that mostly people took pictures of one another – click! – instead of having pictures painted.

Your dreams sound really nice! Maybe one day I will go visit you with CG and we will talk about lots of things! I’m super sorry that your instructor is mean cause I bet you’re super good at painting!

Love you,

Uni and CG

Hello, Isobel!


This is me, Universe or Uni, talking, and this is me, Christy Galea, writing. We have to do it like this because I (Universe) don’t speak English the best, and I (Christy Galea) do! I (Universe) tried something with the computer to write my profile, but it broke after that and CG got really mad and

CG: Slow down! Uh, tu parles trop vite!

U: Oh, pardon! Sor-ry.

CG: It’s okay. C’est rien.

she tried to fix the computer but then it started sparking and we had to hide from the computer-man and it was fun! I mean, it was scary, but also it was kinda fun hiding! But I’m still sorry, because CG would be in pretty big trouble if she got caught and she would have to go away. I’m not sure how much trouble I can get in, but if CG got in trouble I would follow her forever. She’s my best friend!

Do you have any friends like that, Isobel? Can you send pictures of your friends? I’m gonna try to send a picture of us, but not everybody can see me in pictures so I’m sorry if you can’t.

05-11-17_9:15:29 PM.png

Maybe you can send us some pictures of you! I’d like that, but maybe you shouldn’t becuase there’s nowhere to put them.

I’m super glad you like painting! CG told me that nobody paints anymore because we have pictures and cameras, but she must be wrong because you paint, don’t you?

Well, that’s all I have to say, so bye for now!



Dear Anya,

I don’t really have much to write about, so this page will contain several short letters. Sorry.

04-18-17_5:02:29 PM

The “peach” has germinated into a small sapling.

Someone left me a strange fruit. I planted it. Who knows what will happen?

The chess piece became a whole chess board when I set it on the ground. It didn’t shift or morph, though. It just was a chess board, and I couldn’t tell if it hadn’t always been a chess board. I had to read your letter several times to make sure that what I had been sent had, in fact, been a chess piece and not a whole board.

Sabrina tells me that the chess set might be worth money. She has money, so I suppose she would know about it. She doesn’t have a house, in the same sense, or live in or with one, so she doesn’t know very much about houses.

If the chess set is worth something, what should I buy with the money? Maybe interior walls.




Have you ever been a boy, in any of your lives? Is it very different from being a girl?

Anya, how do you know if you’ve become a boy or a girl?

I reread the part of your letter about the night garden. I think I will have to send you some of the plants I have planted, because the saplings of the trees from the fruit I got from you and the other fruit, which I think must have been from the house itself, glow in the dark. Perhaps they will be of use in the Night Garden. Perhaps not. The Night Garden does not seem like one of the things that has rules.

05-08-17_9:46:15 PM.png




I’m sorry my signing Kia is confusing. I’ve been trying out the name, for signing things with in short.

I’ve been rearranging the bits of fence around the house, weeding, pulling the lilypads out of the pool- that sort of thing. I just wish I had a way to filter the water- it looks awful.

05-08-17_9:54:25 PM.png

I’m putting in a new house floor with the chess money! It looks lovely.

Kiana, or Kia if you like.



I do not think that the house can stop panic attacks.  I think that the panic will follow me, no matter what I do.

I’m not sure what I’m afraid of, in the panic. Death? Fear?

Does Fear grow in the Night Garden? Or Death?

I read a story by a woman who met Death’s daughter. She carried a guitar with her. The guitar costs a soul, but it was a gift and Death has many souls to spare. Besides, I do not think that death’s daughter would have a soul in the same way I do.

Anya, do you have a soul? Do you know if souls exist? I think that Soul is just another word, a word for the thing that lives on when the body dies. A ghost.

Anya, are you a ghost? I don’t think so. I haven’t met a ghost yet, but I think they are about. They must be.

Do you think that ghosts get hungry?


Dove-Marisol 3

Dear Marisol,

Whatever you may think, such complete honesty is rare in anyone. I know, for one, that there are some things I am keeping back for very good reasons! I don’t think anyone would be upset by you- I’m certainly not.

Kiya and Kari are two peas in a pod! Kiya is wilder, and Kari is more reserved, but both of them are city girls through and through. I live in a very safe place, so they can go out and play, eat food from food stands for lunch, and make all kinds of new friends.

I don’t really have many non-job-related hobbies, but I like gardening and I do have to take care of the lab plants! Having the greenhouse does mean not needing a living room garden like yours. Our lab is properly called S.M.E.T.I. – it’s a little joke amongst lab techs. You probably wouldn’t get it.

I a happy to be part of your support group, Marisol. Dajon is certainly cute, and I think you look lovely in the photo for what it’s worth.

Here are the girl’s school photos- don’t they look nice?

04-30-17_4:52:02 PM.png04-30-17_4:52:52 PM.png04-30-17_4:55:02 PM.png


Dove-Marisol 1

Dear Marisol,

I think it’s very brave of you to move out on your own like you did, and even braver to disclose so much in a public profile!

I’m Dove Singer. Currently, I live in San Myshuno too, working as a scientist at San Myshuno Electricity Technology Innovators. I live with my partner, Maki Sasaki, and our kids Kiya and Kari. Of course I can send you plenty of pictures! I would love to meet you someday, if you so desire. Perhaps your company will end up making a delivery to my lab!

Marisol, I promise to never ask of you anything you are not willing to do. One of my other friends was talking about support systems recently, and if your parents have died you certainly need one. I would be happy to be a part of your support system, if you’ll have me.

Here are some pictures of me and the rest- you can print them out if you like.

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Aylin: Interim

I was visiting my sisters with Lilith the other day. She was in her dark form, and I don’t think she’s ever looked so lovely.

03-19-17_10:48:32 AM.png

And I…

03-19-17_10:48:41 AM.png

It went very well. I would never touch her mind, so I didn’t know what would happen, but I guess she liked it.

03-19-17_10:49:21 AM.png03-19-17_11:18:49 AM.png

It’s been a week. She’s moved in, and sometimes she surprises me in the evenings.

03-20-17_4:48:52 PM.png

I love her. And I’m willing to do anything to keep that.

03-20-17_4:50:09 PM.png

I know I’ll regret this, but what can I do?