Dear Edith

Dear Edith,

Oh! I’m so glad you wrote to me! There’s nothing like new friends to make things all better!

I, too, love to read, but nowadays most of what I read is technical papers. My wife is a writer, though – while she mostly writes reviews for papers, she used to write many stories to read to our children when they were younger. Who knows; maybe your columns have appeared side-by-side without you even knowing it!

It’s not like I love cooking for its own sake, but I love the smiles it puts on my family’s faces! Good, homemade ramen and egg rolls are so much better than junk food from a store!

My lovely family consists of my wife, Maki Sasaki, and my two children Sarah and Jenny. We live in the Spice Market district of San Myshuno, in a little apartment overlooking the Flea Market.

I just recently celebrated a birthday! Here are some pictures a friend took at the party:

07-06-17_1:57:01 PM.png07-06-17_1:57:51 PM.png

Well, that’s all I can think of to write! Till next time,

Your new friend Dove.




More Explanations

Dear Cornelius,

Oh, sorry! You prefer Neils.

Dear Neils, then:

DNA does look a lot like pasta! It doesn’t really have colors, but we draw it with colors because the colors represent different kinds of bits of DNA. (By the way, DNA is capitalized because it’s an acronym. An acronym is when you take only the first letters of a word and put them all together and say that instead of using lots of long words. They do it a lot in science, because science has lots of long words.)

Yes, you got the explanation exactly right! You and your half-brother have DNA that is similar, but not the same. If you were full brothers, your DNA would be almost the same, but not quite because it gets scrambled some when it combines, and if you were twins you would have exactly the same DNA!

A pipe organ is an instrument much like a piano. Look them up on google – they’re very pretty and they sound even prettier. They look and sound very much like pianos, but you have to play them a bit differently and work the pedals more. Since you have a piano you already know pretty well what a pipe organ looks like – you just didn’t know that you knew!

07-06-17_10:24:59 AM.png

I can see how you got your organs confused! An organ is a type of musical instrument, but also a part of your body. The esophagus and the intestines are both that second kind of organ. A pipe organ is the first kind.

Don’t worry about me thinking you’re dumb; nobody knows everything at first! I didn’t use to know very much, but I’ve learned a lot since then and now I know a lot of stuff!

07-04-17_11:58:12 AM.png

Ward is an old word for someone you kinda adopted but didn’t really adopt with papers and stuff. Miss Mia is my niece, and I take care of her since her mom lives at a different house and works all of the time. Her name is really Mabeline Tanvi Mia Goth, but that’s too much to use all of the time so she goes by Tanvi Mia and I call her Miss Mia.

If I had pets, I would like a cat. Cats are sleek and graceful. I might also like a horse if such things could be had, but I can move faster without a horse.

Who is Mr. Danna’s dad? In fact, I just realized that I’ve spent so much time explaining I haven’t really learned anything about you! Tell me about your friends, and I’ll tell you about me now!

You already know that my name is Aylin, but you probably don’t know that I live in Forgotten Hollow, or that my best friend is Lilith Vatore (she’s very nice, once you get to know her!) I live in a little old two-story house with Tanvi, and we like it there a lot.

07-06-17_10:28:49 AM.png

I don’t think you can get superpowers from having the sun in your eyes. You can’t get superpowers from carrots either. Carrots being good for your eyes is just propaganda, which is misinformation spread by the government in order to make citizens or enemies believe false things. In WWII, the British created the myth of carrots being good for your eyes in order to hide the fact that they had radar, which is a technology which allows us to detect things in the dark. Carrots do have Vitamin A though, which will help to keep you from going blind.

Oh, there I went and spent another letter explaining things to you again. You need to keep me better on track, Neils!


P.S: I don’t want any more superpowers. I have enough of them already.

Dear Cornelius

Dear Cornelius,

It is wonderful to meet you, even if only over the internet. I do hope we can be friends.

Oh, my apologies! I haven’t introduced myself yet. My name is Aylin. I hope I meet your criteria for a pen pal. I think my life is interesting, at least to an outsider, and I suppose that I could be considered smart depending on one’s standards.

07-04-17_11:58:12 AM.png

Is it customary to send one’s pen pal a pen in this era? I did not think it was so, but if you would like I could send you a pen.

Video games are not necessarily bad, but “all things in moderation” is a healthy way to live. I permit my ward, Miss Mia, to play video games, but only after she has completed her homework, her extra-credit, her piano practice, her violin practice, her exercise and yoga, and her emotional control exercises.

07-04-17_5:21:23 PM.png

Naïve is a state of mine meaning that one believes what is said, no matter how ridiculous it may be. Gullible is a synonym for naïve: it means the same thing.

A half-brother is a brother who only shares one parent with you. I suggest asking your teachers more about genetics and DNA if you are confused, but the short version goes something like this: Every person is made up of lots of tiny parts called cells, too small to see with the naked eye. Each cell contains deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA, which is sort of like a list of instructions for what the cell should do. DNA is a little different in every person, which is what makes every person different; the instructions tell your cells to make you, your mother’s cells to make her, your father’s cells to make him, and so on. People aren’t the only thing that has DNA: all living things have their own lists and their own instructions.

When a baby is made, it gets its own list that is a combination of the lists of the parents. So, your list has your mother’s list and your father’s list. Now, you may be asking something right now about why your lists are different if you have the same dad, but that’s not how it works. You have the DNA of the guy who was your dad when you were born, and your list will never change. Since Colby’s birth dad is different from yours but your moms are the same, he’s called a half-brother since only half of your DNA is the same. If you had different moms and dads, your DNA would be completely different and you would be called stepbrothers instead (if you want to know why ask a linguist: that’s someone who studies words and where they come from.) (Oh, by the way, you pronounce it dee-en-ay, not dee-nah.)

I’m sorry if I bored you! I just like explaining things. It’s one of the things I studied; I know a lot of things, but I used to be bad at explaining them, so I studied teaching so that I would know how to explain the things I know to other people.

Yes, you did use the word quota correctly. Quota is pronounced kwoh-ta and it means the amount of work you have to get done by a certain point in time. If you need any other words explained, ask me or your mom!

I do not intend to kidnap you. I’m not sure what I’d do with another kid.

Perhaps I will come to visit you sometime, but I’m not sure your parents would agree to let me. Not now, certainly – we barely know one another!

Well, I should wrap this letter up. Till next time,


P.S: I certainly hope your dad isn’t pregnant! Boys aren’t supposed to get pregnant. Maybe he was abducted by an alien.


Dear Meadow,

Oh, I’m so happy for you! It sounds like you are having a wonderful time right now!

Yes, I did get the award. It was such an honor, but what’s really important is the work. Right now, I’m working with a serum based on the recipe of the Romance Festival’s sakura tea. Look for a new formulation of Twin Roses ice cream soon!

07-04-17_4:35:57 PM.png

The girls are teenagers now! It’s a little rough, but they’re very independent and responsible.

07-04-17_1:32:22 PM.png

Despite our divided interests, we’re tight-knit as a family. We sing, we chat, we set the table and wash the dishes together. Since we’re all so busy with our school and jobs, we turn everything into family time.

07-04-17_1:45:47 PM.png

Meadow, you’ll be one of the best therapists there is. There are some things that can’t be learned, and you have those already.

Kiya and Kari are almost ready to choose their names! It’s a big deal, so they will take as long as they need and pick as many names as they want. Names are very important, after all. In our culture, you can have names for friends, names for family, names just for your loved one, nicknames for just one special person in your life… so Kiya and Kari will still be around, it’s just that they’ll have other names for being out and about. I can’t wait to see what they’ll choose!

07-04-17_4:34:54 PM.png

07-04-17_4:45:42 PM.png

It sounds like all is going well with you and your friends, and Jena of course! I miss the time when my littles were that little sometimes, but I don’t miss the diapers! Sigh… In our strange folds of spacetime, my children have been born and grown while yours has barely changed!

Well, until next time,

Your dear friend INWk.


Dear Anya,

On my end, the fruits glowed in the night like coals in a fire. I do not know why they are shriveled on your end. Perhaps there is something in my world that there is not in yours, or perhaps the glow is nothing but a sham, a pretty image to hide a facade.

The first fruit, as far as I can tell, has no special properties other than being good in salad. The second…

04-18-17_6:16:45 PM.png

…has some interesting effects. On the plus side, I think I have a way to clean the pool now- the water doesn’t seem to harm me while I’m under the effects of the fruit, and it filters out pure.

The roof may be the one thing about the house that needs no fixing. I am, quite honestly, shocked. I decided to put a new floor in- it cost a pretty penny, but was quite worthwhile.

Do you really think Sabrina would like being in a house? She likes being in mine well enough, I suppose. She brought some art from the flea market the other day to hang on the wall.

06-24-17_9:34:36 PM.png

Anya, what is a girl? What is a boy? What is different about them, stripped of all bodily differences and societal context? I think that you are not a boy or a girl, Anya. I think you are you.

I’m not sure which one I am. I’m not sure that it matters. Maybe Boy and Girl are just contexts we use to further communication, and since I don’t communicate with many people other than Sabrina I don’t need a context for myself. I don’t think either context would help anyone understand anything in my case. I think that I am a Person who lives in a House, and I think that the context given by those words is sufficient. I don’t think anyone else would understand what I mean by a House, though.

Have you ever been in love? I’m not sure I ever have been.

Anya, sometimes I can feel the wallpaper flaking off of my skin. I can’t tell what it looks like, what color paint I am painted for the world to see, but I can feel it. Sometimes I look at Sabrina and her skin cracks, and I strip away layers of paper without ever reaching her center. Sometimes I think she can see me flaking, and I smooth my skin back onto my bones so that she doesn’t have to see my paper heart beating.

If I have a dream, it’s that one day I will not be so afraid of stripping all the paper away, ripping off every layer down to the plaster and plyboard and tearing that down too until I have no more walls and the sun can come in at last. Then I will be able to relax, to take joy in the work I do with my hands and not use it as an escape from the peeling facade of the world around me, the crumbling bricks that I cannot hold up with my only two hands.

Anya, please use the fruits wisely. They are both more than their paint. The one I know is good, delicious and filling, bringing an oh-so-temporary peace to the body and mind. The other, I think, is not what it seems, empty paper wrapped around a magic that is as old as an oak and as young as the plants in my garden, a shell through which your teeth click hollowly covering something both ancient and new, a life amongst many, a complete and self-contained fragment of a glorious whole.

In my next life, I think I would like to be a plant.


Dove-Marisol 15

Of course I can send you some pictures! These are without the disguise, so that the children will see that there are other aliens out there.

06-07-17_10:21:17 PM.png06-07-17_10:18:37 PM.png

Plus, here is a picture that Maki took of me playing with Kari. She’s so cute!

06-07-17_10:24:51 PM.png

Perhaps when your kids are older I can get dispensation to take them on a little “field trip” to Sixam. I’m sure they’d love it!

Maki and I got married at the Romance Festival this past year! It was so wonderful… I still can’t believe it sometimes!

Oh, Kiya’s hair has been getting so curly! I think the girls are going to hit puberty soon… fun times.



We Moved

Dear Isobel,

06-02-17_4:46:00 PM.png

We moved.

Me, CG, and Uni live somewhere else now. It’s kinda nice, I guess.

I get to go to school now. I like learning things. Sometimes they give me projects and I like that.

There are two other guys who live here. They live here because they have to. Everyone says they can’t go live near them.

There’s a basketball court out back. Uni likes it better than the pool.

06-02-17_5:51:56 PM.png

Everyone at school looks at me funny. I don’t care. They’re stupid. Uni comes with me to school and we talk, and I don’t care if they can’t see her because Uni is my bestest friend.

People glare at me for knowing the answers to stuff. Why do they care who tells them what’s right? I learned a lot of this from my Caretaker. I miss her.

If your sister is going through a dark period, try to find out why. Don’t just ask her why things are wrong.

Sorry this letter is short. As you can see, I had to hand-write it. I don’t have a computer anymore.

-Christy Galea (and Uni was here too)

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