My Child

She’s growing too fast.

09-05-17_10:05:28 AM.png

I can’t protect her forever.

09-05-17_10:07:43 AM.png

It’s hard just keeping her little world together.

09-05-17_10:10:49 AM.png

But I love her. I’ll love her forever.

09-05-17_10:15:17 AM.png

She is the one.


My Home

This is my home.

09-04-17_3:05:41 PM.png

It’s not a big home, but it’s mine.

09-04-17_3:35:43 PM.png

No one can take it away from me.

09-04-17_9:22:04 PM.png

And you can’t have her, either.

09-04-17_3:34:28 PM.png

Dove’s Daily Diary 6

Dear Kedi,


Today you learned numbers! You learned all the way up to twelve- ti, pi, ki, ji, li, ri, fi, di, zi, ni, bi, tui! Go you! By next week, you should have learned how to count all the way to toui!

You also asked what kiya and kari meant. I told you about kiya, about hydrogen combusting in the depths of space, and kari, huge yet small orbs or rock reflecting light onto other orbs of rock. You were confused, but then I pointed up at our kari, the only one you know, and said the word again. Kari. Moon. You asked me, have I even been there? I said no, but maybe someday. Maybe someday.

Maybe someday you will go to the moon, my little child of the stars. Sleep tight.


Love and Summer

Anya, I am a being empty of love.

I have never been connected to the deep feelings, the beating heart interconnected of all things. I have never felt love.

I have loved my parents, shallowly, and hated them just as shallowly. Both feelings are washed away now by the rain that never seems to fall here, but which I felt through my body deep and sure.

I put down roots, Anya. I sunk my feet into the ground and put out roots, twining and tendriling in the ground, and for a glorious forever instant I was connected to the heart. I felt everything. Feet in earth, sun in leaves, the sheer joy of it all was unbelievable.

07-19-17_10:47:34 PM.png

In that instant, I felt everything, Anya. I felt the feelings of the bees buzzing languidly, the innocent joy of the children on the playgrounds, the heartbreak of a couple ending on the other side of this earth. I felt what it is to be a plant, Anya.

Sabrina was the one who saved me from putting down roots forever. She pulled my feet out of the ground, and that is why I am writing to you now about the feeling of roots.

want, Anya. For the first time I can see the future beyond tomorrow, and I know what I want. I can see a glorious future that I could have, and I want it all.

Sabrina. She’s here as I write, watching me closely over a bowl of cold cereal. She doesn’t know yet, but I can see her in this future of mine. Endless golden summers laughing over laundry, growing old in the twilight of a sunset – I want it all for us, Anya, and I think we can have it, Sabrina, the house and me.

Anya. It isn’t too late. You still have the fruits, and fruits have seeds.

I happen to know that the second fruit, the hollow one, is particularly good for planting roots.

Dove’s Daily Diary 5

Dear Kedi,

Today you learned jisa, gisa, jisu, and gisu! I’m so proud of you! For instance:


07-17-17_10:33:49 PM.png


07-17-17_10:24:09 PM.png


07-17-17_10:22:23 PM.png


07-17-17_10:32:16 PM.png

Bizoopagoto jisuki-jipaki jisa!

07-17-17_10:39:19 PM.png

Oh Kedi, I can’t wait for the day when you look back on your first words and remember them proudly. Still, you will always be my pagoto.


Dove’s Daily Diary 4

Dear Diary,

Well, Dear Kedi, really! I’ve decided to leave you this diary when you get older, so that you can understand where you come from and why you’re here.

Kedi, I don’t know how you do it, but every moment with you is special. The girls love you, Maki is charmed, and I suppose that I am too. I’d worry about them being jealous, but Kiya told you the same thing the other day. I don’t think you understood, but I know that you feel loved and special, and for now that’s all you need.

07-15-17_7:18:08 PM.png

Someday you’ll have questions for us, and we’ll have to answer. Someday you’ll want to know why you have different skin than us, why your ears point back when ours go up. That day, we’ll tell you, and we’ll hide nothing, because we love you, our Kedi, and we want you to know who you are. Even if you aren’t like us, we love you anyways, bizoopagoto, because you are family. No matter what, you are family.


Your mother.

Dove’s Daily Diary 3


Kedi, Kedi, Kedi! That’s the only word you can say right now, but you say it all the time!

You love to romp and roam- just so long as one of us is around. The girls love you like a little sister, and they don’t care that they’re blue and you’re green.

07-15-17_6:33:40 PM.png

I posted about you on the forums. You’re such a mess maker! The girls were so much better behaved than you… sigh.

Worth it.

Dove’s Daily Diary 2

Dear Daily Diary,

Good news! I found the registration number for the project allocating bizoopagotogo to families! It should be simple enough to track it down with my work resources, and soon I can keep more of these children from being scattered without contacts.

Kiya and Kari are very excited about the idea of a bizoopagoto arriving! I’ve told them a lot about what might happen, but they seem fine with all of the possibilities, even the not-so-happy ones.

All I can do I hope and care, and keep my babies safe.

All of them.

Dove’s Daily Diary 1

Dear Daily Diary,

Today, I found a forum for bizaabgotojoto – human bizaabgotojoto. Some government program found a crashed refugee ship of some kind, probably a cloner ship, and they’ve been passing toddlers around like candy. Ugh! It makes me so mad to think that we didn’t even go looking for them! Didn’t anyone realize how many people were onboard this ship!

No time to be mad, though. I posted to the forum to try and find out where I can find the place where the children are.

What will I even do if I find them? No one at home will take them if they are clones. Maybe what’s happened is for the best.

Well, there is one thing I can do…

07-13-17_11:01:51 AM.png

Games and Genes

Dear Neils,

Not all pipe organs are that big! Mine is only about the size of a piano. It sits in my living room, and I play it when company comes over.

Twin brothers are a little harder than that! See, people come from eggs, just like chickens, but a person egg is inside the mother and the person hatches inside their mother’s tummy. Twins happen when two people hatch from the same egg – like when sometimes you find a double yolk in eggs? Chicken twins.

Families are complicated! If you really want Lyle to be your big brother, just ask him if he wants to be!

I think wards are generally children. I do not think that Lyle could be a ward.

Forgotten Hollow is quite a ways from Willow Creek! I might have to take a plane to get to you!

You mentioned in your letter that you like video games. I, too, like video games! We should play together sometime if it’s okay with your parents. My handle for The R.E.F.U.G.E. is GamingVampireAlpha- tell me what yours is in your next letter, and then we can all play together!

07-08-17_6:57:40 PM.png

Danna sounds like a very good friend! I hope that the two of you stay together for a very long time!

I’m sorry this letter is so short; I don’t really get out much, so there’s not much for me to write about. I hope to hear about all of your latest exploits come next letter!

All the best,