Fr00g33, huh? I’ll send out an invite to party with your accounts. I’ll play on my secondary, MasterVamp – not nearly as overleveled.

Have you ever gotten a chance to try motion gaming? It’s a little too expensive for most people, but you get a really good workout and it’s super fun!

A suggestion for you… do you really think GamingVampireAlpha is one person? I have to say, it is improbable that one person could do all that…

Do you like playing any other games? I like Extreme Sports, but you need pretty good reflexes for that.

09-09-17_12:23:58 PM.png

Making anyone cry is wrong, boy or girl! Mean jokes are always bad too. You shouldn’t be friends with people who make mean jokes, so I’m glad to hear that you aren’t friends with Olivia anymore. You shouldn’t feel bad about losing someone who was so mean.

My other hobbies? I like to garden and cook and fish! Sometimes I make meals with entirely fresh ingredients! Other times I bake fresh cookies for Miss Mia. I also like to go out dancing sometimes, but only at night. I love the energy at nightclubs (but you’ll have to wait until you’re older to hear about that!)

09-09-17_12:12:32 PM.png

I’m sorry this letter is so short! My life hasn’t been very interesting lately.

PS: exploits means the amazing things you’ve done, like the gaming exploits of GamingVampireAlpha.


Back to Basics

Dear Meadow,

After so long, the girls are teens! Kiya picked Sarah for her name, but her friends call her “Firecracker”. Kari is now Jennifer to the world, Jenny to her friends, and my little baby in my heart forever.

07-04-17_1:32:22 PM

I recently celebrated a birthday! I’m middle-aged now… how time flies.

In work news, I’ve been transferred to a new division. It’s very hush-hush, and I’m still doing my old job too, but after hours I’m part of a task force designed to curb growing Alien Awareness across dimensions. Abduction numbers have been increasing, male pregnancies are on the rise, and a refugee ship crashed in a dimension close to yours! It’s my job to try and control all of these incidents and help keep aliens safe.

In related news…

My apartment is outfitted for a toddler once more.

07-15-17_7:18:08 PM.png

Meet Kedi! She’s the sweetest thing, and she learns so quickly! Kedi is number 47 of one hundred and forty-four toddlers orphaned in the ship crash I mentioned above. Kiya and Kari (sorry, Sarah and Jenny) love her like a little sister, and we’re trying our best to raise her in our busy little household.

Unfortunately, Kedi is part of the dark side of alien culture. I’ve tried to spare you the horrors, but to put it plainly most people don’t believe that clones like Kedi have souls. As such, they don’t feel like they have to respect their rights. Clone labor is behind our shining society, and clone harvesting behind our long lives. There are ways around this, ways that we could maintain our current standard of living without clones, but no one feels impelled to do anything.

I’m not one of these people. I’ve seen scientific proof that clones have the abilities we consider to come from a soul, and even if they didn’t have souls humans don’t in the same sense either. Honestly, it’s one of the things I don’t understand about my people.

Meadow, there are a lot of things that need to be done for my people as well as yours. Honestly, I’ve been thinking of taking everyone back to our home planet.

But I can’t just do that, can I?

I can’t just give up on my dreams – on all of our dreams – because there are problems. I can’t take Maki and the girls away from the only life they’ve known for my selfish desire to fix a society they are only partly connected to. And I especially can’t take Kedi, our Kedi, into a world that won’t accept or love her.

Meadow, I’m tired. Trying to run a family and fix the world is just too much. I can’t give up, though. What kind of example would I set for the girls if I did?




She comes first. Always.

09-05-17_5:11:10 PM.png

She’s the center of this world I’ve made, this crystal childhood palace built on lies.

09-05-17_5:12:35 PM.png

The other day she got out at night, I don’t know how. I must have forgotten to lock the door.

09-05-17_10:32:20 AM.png

I’m just glad they didn’t find her. I don’t know what I’d do.

09-06-17_7:35:00 PM.png

A Beginning

09-07-17_10:13:13 AM.png

Alna went out the park one sunny day.

09-07-17_10:12:45 AM.png

Over at the rainbow doll-tree where she liked to play was another girl.

09-07-17_10:15:21 AM.png

Alna waved hello, hoping to make a new friend.

09-07-17_10:16:57 AM.png

The other girl waved back.

09-06-17_11:22:02 PM.png

They spent the rest of the afternoon playing together. Not just at the treehouse…

09-07-17_10:19:45 AM.png

…but on the monkey bars, among other things.

09-07-17_10:31:48 AM.png

They had food together.

09-07-17_10:21:12 AM.png

They even played pirates. Alna was the captain.

09-07-17_10:23:50 AM.png

After playing, Alna asked if the other girl wanted to go back to one of their houses and do homework.

09-07-17_5:03:34 PM.png

The other girl did not want to go to her house, so they went to Alna’s house.

09-07-17_5:06:26 PM.png

Alna’s parents weren’t home, but she had a key.

09-07-17_5:11:07 PM.png

They did their homework together, sitting on the old couch.

09-07-17_5:15:00 PM.png

Alna waved goodbye to her new friend.

09-07-17_5:16:09 PM.png

As the girl ran off, she ducked into a bathroom to change.

09-07-17_5:19:24 PM.png

Deonte Guerrero ducked out of the bathroom a second later.

09-07-17_5:20:03 PM.png

As he walked up the stairs to his house, he thought back on his day with Alna.

09-07-17_5:20:53 PM.png

As he drifted off to sleep, he dreamed that he was a princess.

Dove’s Daily Diary 6

Dear Kedi,


Today you learned numbers! You learned all the way up to twelve- ti, pi, ki, ji, li, ri, fi, di, zi, ni, bi, tui! Go you! By next week, you should have learned how to count all the way to toui!

You also asked what kiya and kari meant. I told you about kiya, about hydrogen combusting in the depths of space, and kari, huge yet small orbs or rock reflecting light onto other orbs of rock. You were confused, but then I pointed up at our kari, the only one you know, and said the word again. Kari. Moon. You asked me, have I even been there? I said no, but maybe someday. Maybe someday.

Maybe someday you will go to the moon, my little child of the stars. Sleep tight.


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