Dear Meadow,

I’ll send the agency’s contact information. I don’t know if I can think of anyone better to take care of one of these toddlers!

How is Jena doing? Has she learned any more words for cat lately? How big is she? How long has it been since you last got one of my letters, in your time?

10-08-17_9:15:52 PM.png

I’m not directly involved with the project (apart from caring for Kedi, of course) but I’m sure you could volunteer to help with the little ones who haven’t been adopted yet! Someone caring and kind and knowledgeable like you is always helpful in a situation like this!

Kedi is doing so well! She’s really flourishing with us. She’s such a little darling.

10-04-17_7:34:22 AM.png

I will look around and see if any caregivers could use your help. We have a forum we use to communicate.

Sorry this letter is so short. I have a toddler running around trying to get into the cupboards.




A Temporary Home

Sylvia has been at Aylin’s house for several days now.

10-07-17_2:55:35 PM.png

Aylin found her on the road. No explanation was given as to how she knew Sylvia would be there, and none was demanded.

10-07-17_10:56:09 PM.png

They were at Aylin’s house before dawn. It’s an old-fashioned house, with many stories.

10-07-17_2:54:36 PM.png

Aylin has provided her with a room. It’s a big room, with a master bath and a fireplace. Despite the amenities, it’s clear that it hasn’t been slept in for quite some time. There are cobwebs, and a tapestry covers a large crack in the wall.

10-07-17_11:03:18 PM.png

Aylin left Sylvia much to her own devices the first day. Having told her that dinner would be served, the kindly but enigmatic woman virtually disappeared, leaving Sylvia to explore her new room.

10-07-17_11:00:33 PM.png

Sylvia quickly found that the closet was not, in fact, empty- it was full of simple, cozy, clothes. She picked out a sweater and braided her hair.

10-07-17_11:04:50 PM.png

As night fell, Aylin called her up to dinner. The top floor of Aylin’s house was a small kitchen/dining room, which was at the moment set for two.

10-07-17_11:14:56 PM.png

At Aylin’s urging, Sylvia helped herself to the purple dish. “Plasma fruit salad,” Aylin explained. “Vegetarian.” Sylvia helped herself to a bowl. It smelled just like the purple fruit from the tree in Count Straud’s garden.

10-07-17_11:17:49 PM.png

Aylin didn’t take any salad.

10-07-17_11:18:58 PM.png

“Soft Shadow Avorligano,” Aylin elaborated when Sylvia eyed her glass questioningly. “Nectar. You wouldn’t like it.”

10-07-17_11:22:49 PM.png

Sylvia sipped her drink cautiously. It had the same flavor as the salad. “Plasma Jane,” Aylin said. “Virgin Plasma Jane. You didn’t strike me as the alcohol type.” Sylvia felt a little grown-up: Aylin hadn’t commented on her age, merely on her tastes.

10-07-17_11:24:30 PM.png

After dinner, Sylvia insisted on doing the dishes. “It’s the least I can do,” she explained.

10-07-17_7:24:53 PM.png

As she drifted off to sleep with the warm light of the room’s candles washing over her, Sylvia felt at peace. Maybe, just maybe, she could be happy.

10-07-17_11:37:54 PM.png


Dove’s Daily Diary 7

Dear Kedi,

Sometimes you stare at the nightlight on the wall. Are you missing the stars?

10-01-17_11:10:16 AM.png

Sometimes when you do that you cry.

10-01-17_11:14:10 AM.png

Who did you lose, kediké? Were they very dear to you?

10-01-17_7:34:55 PM.png

I can’t replace whoever it was. I can feed you and bathe you, and in time you may forget, but I don’t think you will. I think my little green girl will always remember her bizaabgotojo, forever and ever.

10-01-17_7:33:43 PM.png

I hope that all of your gotogo have loving parents. Do you think that some of them are grown up already? Do you think that some of them are still frozen asleep, waiting for homes?

Dearest Kedi, may you always be loved.



Emma loves to work.

09-30-17_1:12:43 AM.png

She doesn’t love all work, but she loves her work and that’s what’s important.

09-30-17_1:14:18 AM.png

Restoring the old house took some effort.

09-30-17_12:46:56 AM.png

The carpet was worn down. The lighting had to be replaced. Half of the space on the upper floor was inexplicably sealed off.

09-30-17_1:03:56 AM.png

But she did it. Penny by penny, saved dollar by saved dollar, she worked up the money and fixed things. Where she could, she did the work herself. Peeling wallpaper, knocking down walls, painting the baseboard, and selling the artifacts of the inexplicable luxury Mrs. Bullard had hoarded. No wonder her door was always locked!

09-30-17_1:02:51 AM.png

She tightened screws, enlarged windows, bought new beds. She carefully chose new furniture so that children could pick whatever color they wanted, instead of being stuck with blue and pink.

09-30-17_1:05:08 AM.png

She wanted to make sure that even the children who would never be adopted would have a happy childhood.

09-30-17_1:08:15 AM.png

And she did it. The orphanage has children in it once more, and they do not live in fear.

09-30-17_1:06:39 AM.png

Sure, plastering the entire outside of the house was a pain, but now the house doesn’t look like something out of a Victorian novel. Removing all of the ivy didn’t hurt either.

09-30-17_1:09:24 AM.png

Emma found out who she is. She’s a caretaker, and if those she loves don’t need her anymore she’ll find some new people to take care of.

09-30-17_1:11:44 AM.png

That’s what she does.



Holly and Ivy used to worry that something would separate them.

09-29-17_12:16:39 AM.png

They used to think that if they changed too much, they wouldn’t be twins anymore.

09-29-17_12:17:35 AM.png

But after Ivy started hormone therapy, they realized that wasn’t true. Everything they share and everything they don’t brings them closer together.

09-29-17_12:19:18 AM.png

Holly is in college, studying to become an artist. She always loved art, so it was really natural. She wants to inspire children all over the world with her art.

09-28-17_11:58:48 PM.png

Ivy is training to become a police officer. He wants to help children who were just like them, and give people second chances. He’s hoping that by joining the force, he can show kids that wherever you come from, you can be someone.

09-29-17_12:04:21 AM.png

They may be going their separate ways, but they will be Holly-and-Ivy forever. Even if they’re no longer identical twins, they will always be two hearts beating as one.

09-29-17_12:20:23 AM.png

They will always have each other.


Love is the most beautiful thing in the world.

09-28-17_11:30:53 PM.png

That’s what Kim thinks when she wakes up every morning to Kori’s sleeping face.

09-28-17_11:32:33 PM.png

All the time she was at the school, she thought of Kori. All the time she was alone, she wished Kori were there.

09-28-17_11:34:33 PM.png

Now she has Kori at last, and she’s never letting go.

09-28-17_11:35:32 PM.png

Kori was so innocent at first. A child, cautiously exploring the world of her body.

09-28-17_11:18:06 PM.png

Kim guided her, set her on the path to adulthood. Taught her all the things she had learned over the years, the lessons that no school intends to teach.

09-28-17_10:28:07 PM.png

And now she’s taking lessons at the community college. Kori tells her that she could be anything she wants.

09-28-17_11:36:50 PM.png

You know what? She wants to be with Kori.


09-28-17_9:49:37 PM.png

The city lights are Kori’s favorite thing in the world.

09-28-17_9:53:14 PM.png

She loves looking at all the lives, all the people. After so many years alone, it’s amazing to be able to look out the window and see so many souls.

09-28-17_10:04:23 PM.png

Then, of course, there’s Kim. Kim, Kim, Kim. Every morning, every day, she’s always there. Waking up every morning, Kori can roll over and see her Kimmy, always there. She’ll never be alone again.

09-28-17_9:47:08 PM.png

And Kori’s happy. For the first time since she was kidnapped, she’s happy. It doesn’t matter that she’s only half human, that she was created like a machine. She’s a person, and she’s going to use her intelligence, the intelligence she was engineered to have, to help people instead of hurting them.

09-28-17_11:10:34 PM.png

She’s going to be good.

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