Dove-Meadow 2

Reply to: A letter from Meadow

Dear Meadow:

I love your ideas on free and open communication! There’s nothing like a connection with someone. Jena’s stories sound fun- maybe someday I’ll hear one! Don’t worry- of course I was going to write back.

I meant every word I said about your family. They sound like wonderful people. Sometimes I wish I had some rose-colored glasses. I had a pair of my own on, the other day.

01-21-17_4:36:02 PM.png

The basil point is moot now, but thank you! Basil contains certain chemical compounds useful in synthesizing certain serums we use for testing. I ordered some seeds online yesterday, so we’ll be good now.

I think people would know if they were aliens, in this life at least. I mean, it’s hard to deny your biological makeup.

The meadows and fields of your home sound wonderful. My childhood was nothing like that, really. I think Jena will bloom and grow with all this love.

I don’t think crop circles are proof of aliens- I think the proof is in the fact that we even consider the possibility!

I don’t read much besides technical reports, but I do have a weakness for cheesy romance novels. One of my favorite authors is Izumi Yamaguchi- her style is slowly improving, but her story ideas are wonderful.

I’m sorry if this letter is a little short. I… got some surprising news.

01-21-17_4:41:05 PM.png

01-21-17_4:14:59 PM.png

My relationship is going through some troubles. I just had to say some very unkind things to another person, and I know I’m going to have to say them again tomorrow.


On the plus side, a neighbor came over to see what was happening. I think I may have a new friend?


I… honestly didn’t think anyone could make me feel good about what just happened. I didn’t think it was possible.

All the best,



Dove-Meadow 1

A reply to: A letter from Meadow McCumber

Dear Meadow,

Thank you for writing to me! I do agree, a Meadow and a Dove belong together.

It’s just fine that you like to share your feelings. I think life would be much improved by people sharing their honest feelings freely- but I may be biased on that, haha.

01-16-17_11:06:07 PM.pngI live in the Spice District myself! I love the free feeling in the air. It’s a great place to people-watch, I think.

You have a baby? That’s very sweet! I love children. I might have some of my own someday, but things are a little busy right now, and my apartment is a bit too small and cluttered for a baby.01-16-17_1:11:51 PM.png

Wow- what an amazing family! Your father and brother seem very on top of it all. I have to admit to not being a high-level scientist- mostly I collect data, fix things when they break, and take care of the plant samples. It’s really all just busywork- basic analysis, using the lab constructor device to assemble some stuff other people need- nothing that anyone couldn’t do with a little training. Actually, if you know any good places to get basil, that would be helpful- we need it for some of the latest experiments. Right now, we’re studying the chemicals that cause emotion- anger, sadness, that sort of thing. (The perfume industry is our main investor for this one, heh.)

I love folklore! My particular interest is in modern folklore- alien sightings and such. I know this may sound silly, but I really do believe in the supernatural- or whatever you would call an alien, I guess. My beliefs are all firmly rooted in science, but I’m willing to believe in extraterrestrials (aha! There’s the word!) for one reason or another. I guess I just don’t want to think we’re alone out there, you know?

It is certainly nice writing things other than lab reports and insurance claims. I really do live for my weekends- sometime I may go up to Granite Falls and collect some flora and fauna there. When one’s life is focused on one thing, it is truly a joy to do something else.

That is a very sweet nursery rhyme! I’m afraid I can’t think of a good rhyme for you right now- but it does bring up “Sing a song of sixpence” for me. All of the birds, I suppose.

I think it would be wonderful to write to you! I can’t wait to hear more about your life.01-16-17_11:11:42 PM.png



Pen Pal


Er, um… Hello? Or however one begins these things?

Honestly, I’m not quite sure how to begin. I’ve never filled out a pen pal application before.


Uh, this is me, how I look and all that. Should I post this?

I’m Dove Singer. I live in San Myshuno- little apartment in the Spice District. It’s really only temporary- my… boss assigned me to a new post here for a while. I’m doing some research work- genetics and environment stuff.

Oh, that’s right!


I work in a lab! I do lab stuff! It’s a very ordinary lab, really- nothing weird ever happens. This isn’t some sort of crazy mad science lab, guys! It’s not like a bad day at work could lead to an alien invasion or something.


So, um, I guess I want to hear about you, and stuff? Send me an email if you’re interested!


Dove is taking part in the Pen Pal Project! Check out the other cool sims participating, and maybe share one of your own!


So, um, sorry for not updating in I-don’t-know-how-long. I’ve been busy (and lazy) so Sims things haven’t happened.

Anyways, this post is to inform you that McKenna’s refugees are ready to leave for new hard drives! They’ve spent quite some time working out (among other things) and can’t wait to try something new!

If you want more information on the available sims, look at the original McKenna post or comment on this post to ask about a sim! I would be happy to tell you all about any given participant. All of them are fit, healthy, and at least moderately skilled sims (Kaylin is an ex-gardener) who would love to be a part of whatever you want to plan next!

The Hunt is On

03-22-16_9:09:06 PM.pngWatcher…

Yes, J?

Shack. Now.

Got it! One shack, coming right up.03-22-16_9:31:45 PM.png

There, see? Shack! Less shacky on the inside, though.

03-22-16_9:32:58 PM.png

Yes, very nice, but I still have a Bladder need, you know?

Woodworking!03-22-16_9:35:07 PM.png

Ok, fine. Let Grandma get some sleep before you start that new garden, though.

You noticed the update?

Of course! Now, I have school. Do not blow anything up.

Aw, but here I was-

Joking. Bye for now, X.

Have a good wormhole, J.

Now then! House stuff!03-22-16_9:38:27 PM.png

Wait, how do ghosts even have a Bladder need?

03-22-16_9:39:36 PM.png

Welp, time for work.03-22-16_9:45:09 PM.png

Aaaaand back from work! Did you miss me?03-22-16_9:58:00 PM.png

A little… Nah. Not really.

Sophna acquired some Sixam fauna? May I see?

Woah, tone it down there.

Yes, of course. Later, though. I can get you a rocket at some point, if you’d like.

That would be nice. While the contraptions are very… clunky, they are more than adequate.

Well, if you actually want to get home Sophna will build a portal soon. Now, sleep tight, most everyone!

03-22-16_10:14:13 PM.png

You go, Flynna! Get those Growfruit!

03-22-16_10:18:08 PM.png

Planting- the essential step.

I love playing Flynna and her family. Over the course of one day, so much happens, all of it just a little bit offbeat and unique. Take these vignettes:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s all so random, so out of nowhere, and yet so natural. It’s their world, and I love it.

Oh, cut the sappy plum, X.

Since when do you say “plum”?

Since I was a teenager. I can still remember that, you know. Stop trying to do that whole “introspection” thing, and just play us straight for a change.

I can do both, you know. I just did.

Yeah, well, stop lampshading and-

J? You good there?

03-29-16_10:22:43 PM.png

What. The. Plum. Were. You. Thinking.

Hypocrite. You went shorter.

Yeah, well, a quick Plan Outfits and it’s back. You? Not. So. Much.

It grows back!

And it takes months. Real months, not our months.

Jaquelyna? You are okay?

Oh, I’m fine, Lols. It’s our great powerful floaty-sky-person I’m worried about.

What do you mean? Everything seems fine to me.

No, it’s not! That plum went and-

She didn’t.

She did. She went ahead and got her hair cut.

Welcoming New Arrivals

Welcome, everyone!03-17-16_12:26:03 PM.png

I am Journey McKenna- call me McKenna, please. You’ve been chosen to the first participants in our very special program.

You all used to be Townies- homeless Sims whose only purpose was to serve as a backdrop in a story. We rescued you from your dying world, and now you’ve come here, to us.

Before we get started, please Claim a bed and pick out some new clothes. Feel free to try on some cosmetics if you would like. The only rule is that no shoes are allowed in the house. You have all day, so no hurry!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now that you’re settled, please come on down to the fire circle.03-17-16_4:09:27 PM.png03-17-16_4:10:42 PM.png

Oh, sorry to startle you!

03-17-16_4:11:59 PM.png

Now that we’re all here, let’s go around and introduce ourselves.

03-17-16_4:13:11 PM.png
I’m Clint Collins. Someday, I dream of being the dad of a big happy family! I came to meet people and learn about caring for others.
03-17-16_4:13:17 PM.png
I’m Kaylin Wing. Some say I’m a little lazy, but there’s really nothing I like more than a friendly prank. I cam to get motivated and exercise my creativity.
03-17-16_4:13:22 PM.png
I’m Branden Wright. I came here to tap into my energetic side and learn more about myself.
03-17-16_4:13:25 PM.png
I’m Gloria Carjabal. I really want to see my family succeed, but I just can’t stand children. I came to learn to multitask while being more tolerant and forgiving.
03-17-16_4:13:30 PM.png
I’m Morgan Gunn. Some may call me a romantic, but really I just want to throw the best parties ever! I came to step out of the shadow of my loving but snappish mother and tough detective father at last and find myself.
03-17-16_4:13:33 PM.png
I’m Jana Cannon, one of your mentors and McKenna’s partner. I was once lost, trying to find the only people who made me feel special. McKenna helped my find myself and a new calling in life.
03-17-16_4:13:42 PM.png
I’m Phoenix McKenna- like the bird! I wanna hang out and have fun with everyone as much as I can!
03-17-16_4:13:48 PM.png
I’m Journey McKenna, Phoenix’s mom and your mentor here. I went through a lot trying to find my meaning in life, and when I met Jana I realized that I wasn’t the only one. I want to reach out to everyone and help them fulfill their dreams, and if you need help I’m always here.

“Now, listen! We do have a pretty tight schedule here, so you need to memorize this! Monday morning is exercise, Monday afternoon yoga. Tuesday morning is music, Tuesday afternoon is swimming. Wednesday is your free day- you can do whatever you want all day. Thursday morning is art, Thursday afternoon is meditation. Friday morning is botany, Friday afternoon is dance. Saturday and Sunday are custom days- we guide you based on what we’ve observed during the week. Sound fair? OK- Class dismissed!”


03-17-16_7:57:56 AM.png

Hello again, Watcher.

Hello, Jaquelyna. Still mad?

Yes! I don’t know what is happening here, but it had better be good!

Your Saved Game’s file got corrupted. I made one trip back to extract everyone, but these were the only versions of you I could pull out.

So that explains why Mom’s an adult again?

03-17-16_8:03:37 AM.png

Yep. Technically you shouldn’t be able to remember any of the stuff that got lost in the file corruption, but-

-But I’m Insane. Got it. I take it that’s why you brought Lola, despite the fact that she and Sophna technically have no Romance meter progression?03-17-16_8:07:08 AM.png

Yep. Can’t leave her behind. Or anyone else, for that matter.

What does that mean?

I’ll let someone else explain that for me who knows a little more.

03-17-16_8:09:39 AM.png

“Okay, who are you?” Jaquelyna demanded. “What is this place?”

“Willow Creek, technically,” said Journey McKenna. “You were moved to a smaller lot for the time being, though- we took over Oakenstead.

“That would explain a lot,” replied Jaquelyna while looking at their temporary accommodations. “Also, I call the leopard tent.”03-17-16_8:12:18 AM.pngWow, it’s odd to see you advance the plot using dialogue for once, right?

Well, it has been a while.

“During which time she came up with me,” Journey continued.

03-17-16_8:19:11 AM.png

“Wait,” said Jaquelyna. “You can hear us?”

Sort of, Journey subvocalized. I don’t come by it naturally, like you, though. It took a long time.

“Ah,” said Jaquelyna. “Maxed Wellness.”

“Basically, yes,” Journey explained. “But enough character reveal for now. Let’s sit by the fire and I’ll tell you what happened.”03-17-16_8:27:14 AM.png

“So,” said Flynna, “our home save was corrupted, so you pulled us all out?”

Yes. I pulled you out, along with all the townies, and put you on this fresh save, along with Journey’s household and house.

“She says that she transferred everyone but the pre-mades to this save with McKenna,” Lola translated for Sophna, the only non-Insane member of the household.

“Basically, my story was that I’d run a house for DTS refugees, more or less,” Journey elaborated. “Somewhere they could get in some story progression before being transferred instead of being stuck in the Local Gallery. But I can take all of your refugees too- only five at a time, but I can do that. Then we can hope that someone needs some sims for something and transfer them there.”

“What about townies generated here?” asked Ratna, pointing a a newly-generated Townie teen.03-17-16_8:35:58 AM.png

“We’ll process them too,” replied McKenna. “We just need to take care of your refugees first. If it’s okay with you…”

I’ll transfer the first group to your household right away! Hopefully, we can find someone to take care of the sims when they’re ready.


So there you have it! The Lujans and the Townies of their world are saved, but they need good homes. Journey McKenna and her partner Jana Cannon will be taking care of them and letting them get in some play time while they wait for someone to find them a place! Hopefully, I can actually find some stories and such that need sims and give them my refugees!


03-14-18_5:28:08 PM.png

Hello, blog… thing.

How do I even start one of these?

Okay, so I have no idea what I’m doing. I only just started a blog because something freaky happened to me, and I wanted to find out if anyone else knew about it. I mean, before this, this is all you would have seen.

02-27-16_9:49:55 PM

But if that were all I have to share, I wouldn’t be writing this. I’d be slogging through another lab report. To cut to the point- I had a weirdly vivid dream last night. Normally I ignore them, but this one was so bizarre, so clear… So I checked the security camera footage from that night. Most of it was scrambled, but I saved a few pictures…

02-27-16_10:09:05 PM

02-27-16_10:07:53 PM

02-27-16_10:08:05 PM

02-27-16_10:14:39 PM

I brought them into the lab, but I never got an answer. So this thing is my best chance. I just hope someone else knows what is going on…

02-27-16_10:35:30 PM


She had abjured this life. She had sworn it by the zeroes and ones that formed her digital existence, by the lifecode of her own child! But the more she strove for the normalcy that had been stolen, the more meretricious her old life seemed. Ah, to rarefy the weight of the demands upon her, to make less heavy the troubles of this double life. Repine all you want for the peace of the past, it is forever altered.

She is inured now, and the sadness that once troubled her every time she snuck away no longer troubles her glitched heartcode. In her recondite way she loves him still, but he is torn from her, and the stygian depths of her digital soul she wishes him peace. He is prone to volubility now, trying to fill her long silences, willing to go farther and farther where she once met him halfway. Childhood friends, then teenage lovers, two birds of a pair, two halves of a heart necklace. As she retreats, he advances, trying to pull her back, trying to form a whole heart still. No matter. The extirpation of their love is nearing completion, and when he realizes that the heart is his alone now, she will send him her blessings of peace, and let him live without the weight of knowing that someone is always Watching.

The boy is sleeping now. The younger love-child, a butterfly trying to escape the vacuum of her absence. How can he understand that his mother has flown away on green wings in a beam of light? Code irrevocably scrambled, memories lost in transfer. It took her so long to find them, fill in the blanks left by the abnormal tearing, not a deletion that leaves you with no memory of there ever having been anything but broken ends trying to meet in a middle that no longer exists. Every iteration took her farther away, until one of them brought her back. Ellipsis, and it is now simply a story for her boy, who will not understand when she leaves him.

It felt so far away, like a dream of something that happened to someone else. She was willing to forget, but they never forget anything, though the limits of code may deny. They called her up again, turned on the hortatory. She was opprobrious. Could they not rule themselves? Recumbent on the lounge, she considered: could she not give them a little, after all they gave her for her efforts to find her family? The culpability is hers, for abusing their trust, even if it all comes to naught in the end. They break off their encomium, they cease to inveigle. An almost minatory silence descends on the small, white digital simulation of a room, and she knows what she must do.

In the ones and zeroes of her jewelry box is code representing a gold chain with green jewels. The accretion of dust has left them dull, but a quick polish brings back their glow. She told her daughter they were a gift from a friend, but the churlishness of her reply gave her away. Like mother, like daughter; the girl is not so young, teenaged now, and very clever. She alone has the discernment to tell what her mother is doing, where she goes when she leaves dinner early. She alone has seen the light, the green light which rises into the painted sky and takes her mother with it. She too cannot rest anymore with her simulated feet in the digital ground, and will forever yearn beyond the infinite sky.

An early morning. No fog. She remembers fog, remembers weather, remembers wine and deserts and many things besides, realities so strange in this new world that they are tales. Moonlit falls and mermaid coves are nothing now. Now there are emotions, passionate and new, that feel as real as anything she ever saw in her travels. She prefers feelings, even fake feelings for fake people, to fake places for the fake people to go. But there is one place she must go, a place with no day, and her daughter is beside her this time.

From his window the boy sees her, ready to follow her daughter up the green beam to the glowing world she now belongs in. He reaches for her, she reaches back, and they connect one last time before she is gone. Someday the boy will write a book about her, about his mother who lives beyond the sky and flew away in a green light. But for now there is a simulated woman in a red dress and a simulated daughter in a black skirt, transferring their code away to a simulated world where it is always night and the green crowds are already crying as one:


Alleb Sserpme eht liah lla! Ardnassac Ssecnirp eht liah lla! Neeuq suoicarg eht liah lla! Sreehc eerht!

New Life

02-22-16_6:33:54 PM

Well, here I am. New house, new life, might as well add a new look to the list while I’m at it.

02-22-16_6:58:45 PM.png


And now, for the most important part…

02-22-16_7:00:57 PM.png

Logging in Riley…

Starting Simchat…

RHerring is online.

YuYuki24: Red! Where have you been?

RHerring: Sup, Yukes!

YuYuki24: No, seriously, where have you been? I was starting to get worried!

02-22-16_7:03:45 PM.png

RHerring: Yeah, I know I haven’t been online in forever.

YuYuki24: No kidding! It’s been a month since you said anything! I thought something awful had happened!

RHerring: Sort of. My parents got divorced.

YuYuki24: That really is awful! 😦

02-22-16_7:08:54 PM.png

RHerring: I couldn’t come on because I was down at court, settling custody issues. Talk about a nightmare.

YuYuki24: Yeesh. What happened?

RHerring: Well, it boiled down to which parent I wanted to go with, since neither of them wanted to work out time-share juggling. So I chose…

YuYuki24: *drumroll*

RHerring: Neither of them! I am now officially an emancipated minor, so I can live on my own! My Grandpa had an old house in Windenburg, so I moved out here. It’s been kinda lonely. Anyways, I just now got the router set up, so I’m back online!

02-22-16_7:16:28 PM.png

YuYuki24: That is so awesome! I live in Windenburg! Where do you live?

RHerring: Out on the island. You live in Windenburg?

YuYuki24: Yeah, I live in town. I just can’t believe it! My best friend ever came to live in Windenburg! I can’t wait to show you around! We try not to brag, but Windenburg is the best town ever! Oh, there’s bars and nightclubs and pubs- do you even have pubs where you come from- and there’s the old hedge maze and the ruins and you haven’t lived till you’ve been to the bluffs and I know I’m rambling but I’m just so happy because my best friend in the whole wide world has come to live in Windenburg!!!

RHerring: Woah, slow down, Yuki. I should probably get my bearings before I go out to see the sights.

02-22-16_7:59:52 PM.png

YuYuki24: True. When do you start school?

RHerring: Next week. What’s it like?

YuYuki24: Pretty good, I guess. If you really need help, most everyone speaks Simlish, and anyone under 30 will certainly speak it fluently. You can probably ask the guys down at Dock Den if you don’t mind getting hit on 😉

RHerring: LOL. Hey, wanna play Blicblock?

YuYuki24: Totes!

YuYuki24 has left.

Closing Simchat…

Starting Blicblock…

Logging in RHerring…

Waiting for YuYuki24 to join the game.

02-22-16_8:01:51 PM.png

YuYuki24 wins!

RHerring: GG!

YuYuki24: You’ll never beat me! 🙂

RHerring: You are the best, Yukes.

YuYuki24: Oh, gotta go. My big sister is calling 😦

YuYuki24 has left the game.

Closing Blicblock…

Logging out Riley…

Shutting down…

02-22-16_8:15:35 PM.png