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Dear Anya,

On my end, the fruits glowed in the night like coals in a fire. I do not know why they are shriveled on your end. Perhaps there is something in my world that there is not in yours, or perhaps the glow is nothing but a sham, a pretty image to hide a facade.

The first fruit, as far as I can tell, has no special properties other than being good in salad. The second…

04-18-17_6:16:45 PM.png

…has some interesting effects. On the plus side, I think I have a way to clean the pool now- the water doesn’t seem to harm me while I’m under the effects of the fruit, and it filters out pure.

The roof may be the one thing about the house that needs no fixing. I am, quite honestly, shocked. I decided to put a new floor in- it cost a pretty penny, but was quite worthwhile.

Do you really think Sabrina would like being in a house? She likes being in mine well enough, I suppose. She brought some art from the flea market the other day to hang on the wall.

06-24-17_9:34:36 PM.png

Anya, what is a girl? What is a boy? What is different about them, stripped of all bodily differences and societal context? I think that you are not a boy or a girl, Anya. I think you are you.

I’m not sure which one I am. I’m not sure that it matters. Maybe Boy and Girl are just contexts we use to further communication, and since I don’t communicate with many people other than Sabrina I don’t need a context for myself. I don’t think either context would help anyone understand anything in my case. I think that I am a Person who lives in a House, and I think that the context given by those words is sufficient. I don’t think anyone else would understand what I mean by a House, though.

Have you ever been in love? I’m not sure I ever have been.

Anya, sometimes I can feel the wallpaper flaking off of my skin. I can’t tell what it looks like, what color paint I am painted for the world to see, but I can feel it. Sometimes I look at Sabrina and her skin cracks, and I strip away layers of paper without ever reaching her center. Sometimes I think she can see me flaking, and I smooth my skin back onto my bones so that she doesn’t have to see my paper heart beating.

If I have a dream, it’s that one day I will not be so afraid of stripping all the paper away, ripping off every layer down to the plaster and plyboard and tearing that down too until I have no more walls and the sun can come in at last. Then I will be able to relax, to take joy in the work I do with my hands and not use it as an escape from the peeling facade of the world around me, the crumbling bricks that I cannot hold up with my only two hands.

Anya, please use the fruits wisely. They are both more than their paint. The one I know is good, delicious and filling, bringing an oh-so-temporary peace to the body and mind. The other, I think, is not what it seems, empty paper wrapped around a magic that is as old as an oak and as young as the plants in my garden, a shell through which your teeth click hollowly covering something both ancient and new, a life amongst many, a complete and self-contained fragment of a glorious whole.

In my next life, I think I would like to be a plant.


Dove-Marisol 15

Of course I can send you some pictures! These are without the disguise, so that the children will see that there are other aliens out there.

06-07-17_10:21:17 PM.png06-07-17_10:18:37 PM.png

Plus, here is a picture that Maki took of me playing with Kari. She’s so cute!

06-07-17_10:24:51 PM.png

Perhaps when your kids are older I can get dispensation to take them on a little “field trip” to Sixam. I’m sure they’d love it!

Maki and I got married at the Romance Festival this past year! It was so wonderful… I still can’t believe it sometimes!

Oh, Kiya’s hair has been getting so curly! I think the girls are going to hit puberty soon… fun times.



We Moved

Dear Isobel,

06-02-17_4:46:00 PM.png

We moved.

Me, CG, and Uni live somewhere else now. It’s kinda nice, I guess.

I get to go to school now. I like learning things. Sometimes they give me projects and I like that.

There are two other guys who live here. They live here because they have to. Everyone says they can’t go live near them.

There’s a basketball court out back. Uni likes it better than the pool.

06-02-17_5:51:56 PM.png

Everyone at school looks at me funny. I don’t care. They’re stupid. Uni comes with me to school and we talk, and I don’t care if they can’t see her because Uni is my bestest friend.

People glare at me for knowing the answers to stuff. Why do they care who tells them what’s right? I learned a lot of this from my Caretaker. I miss her.

If your sister is going through a dark period, try to find out why. Don’t just ask her why things are wrong.

Sorry this letter is short. As you can see, I had to hand-write it. I don’t have a computer anymore.

-Christy Galea (and Uni was here too)

Dove-Marisol 13


Of course I can tell you about Sixam! Sixam is a very beautiful place, and I love it very much.

The first thing you will notice about Sixam is that it is dark, because we are not close enough to the sun to have a day and night. Because everything is so dark, all of our plants and minerals glow in the dark. We have beautiful glowing cities of light in the darkness, where we live most of our days in what you might call peace.

04-03-17_2:45:10 PM

We have halls of thought, where we all think together (I should warn you that your children are telepathic) and halls of learning, where we do research together. Our homes are simple but complete, our society is based on unity and choice, and we believe in love.

Letting your children choose their form is a wonderful thing. Choice is a fundamental cornerstone of Sixamian society, so don’t worry that you are doing a bad job or not providing them with a good upbringing. I know that you will be a good parent no matter what you do. Trust me.


Dove-Marisol 11

Dear Marisol,

You didn’t receive the Disguise Devices? They should have come in the bassinets. They’ll allow you to make the children look like humans, which should make life easier for them.

Maki knew I was pregnant when we met. She actually knew about aliens when she was little, but her parents convinced her that her alien day was a dream and so she forgot about our little outing. I remembered, though, and when we met again I was delighted!

I’m so glad to hear that you have more room for the littles- bitties need so much room to roam!

Here are some old pictures of the bitties when they were still bitty- yours look so cute!

03-01-17_10:46:38 PM.png03-01-17_10:52:11 PM.png



Dove-Marisol 9

Oh, Marisol!

I am so glad you are Alien Aware; that makes this much easier on us, but I think it pretty much defeats the purpose of the children being with you.

I managed to get a quick response from my supervisors on the subject. They were shocked to hear that children, especially twins, were sent to a mother so young with so little notice. I will have to fill them in on more details, but it seems as if the children were sent with no approval, outside of the normal procedure. Don’t worry: they can’t be taken away unless you send them.

As you may know, Aliens sometimes send alien babies to live and grow amongst your kind. The children then return home for a while at least to share their experiences. And yes, I said your kind: I am an alien, as are my children.

Robin and Alec are lovely names. I think that they are going to be very lucky to have you!

Love and luck,

Your friend Dove

Dove-Marisol 7


I apologise. That wasn’t very polite of me.

How much can you tell me about your situation? What happened? Were the infants deposited with any sort of notes or birth certificates?

I am unsure if higher-ups know I’m in contact with you at this point. I may not be allowed much to do with these children. Care for them as you would a human baby. If you tell any doctor that you recently suffered from unexpected weight gain, they’ll be puzzled but connect you with an authorized and reliable pediatrician.

I’m sorry for being cryptic. Generally we’re not supposed to know about this kind of thing or interfere. I am probably not supposed to tell you what I’m telling you right now. If I get authorization to be your Host Information Provider, I’ll tell you more.

I’m sorry. I haven’t even asked if you live in a GA or AA sector. Is this your first experience with aliens? Were you previously aware of aliens? If so, there’s much more I’m allowed to tell you. Your letter mentions traits, so that’s a good sign.

I am so sorry that this has been thrust upon you. My bitties were unplanned for, but I love them dearly. Thanks to my dear wife I wasn’t a single mother, but I can sympathize with you greatly. If you need money, I can try to help. My work is going well at the moment and I just won an award with a cash prize, so we have enough to give.

Marisol, whatever happens to you and your new children, I will support you in whatever ways I can. I promise that.