New Life

02-22-16_6:33:54 PM

Well, here I am. New house, new life, might as well add a new look to the list while I’m at it.

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And now, for the most important part…

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Logging in Riley…

Starting Simchat…

RHerring is online.

YuYuki24: Red! Where have you been?

RHerring: Sup, Yukes!

YuYuki24: No, seriously, where have you been? I was starting to get worried!

02-22-16_7:03:45 PM.png

RHerring: Yeah, I know I haven’t been online in forever.

YuYuki24: No kidding! It’s been a month since you said anything! I thought something awful had happened!

RHerring: Sort of. My parents got divorced.

YuYuki24: That really is awful! 😦

02-22-16_7:08:54 PM.png

RHerring: I couldn’t come on because I was down at court, settling custody issues. Talk about a nightmare.

YuYuki24: Yeesh. What happened?

RHerring: Well, it boiled down to which parent I wanted to go with, since neither of them wanted to work out time-share juggling. So I chose…

YuYuki24: *drumroll*

RHerring: Neither of them! I am now officially an emancipated minor, so I can live on my own! My Grandpa had an old house in Windenburg, so I moved out here. It’s been kinda lonely. Anyways, I just now got the router set up, so I’m back online!

02-22-16_7:16:28 PM.png

YuYuki24: That is so awesome! I live in Windenburg! Where do you live?

RHerring: Out on the island. You live in Windenburg?

YuYuki24: Yeah, I live in town. I just can’t believe it! My best friend ever came to live in Windenburg! I can’t wait to show you around! We try not to brag, but Windenburg is the best town ever! Oh, there’s bars and nightclubs and pubs- do you even have pubs where you come from- and there’s the old hedge maze and the ruins and you haven’t lived till you’ve been to the bluffs and I know I’m rambling but I’m just so happy because my best friend in the whole wide world has come to live in Windenburg!!!

RHerring: Woah, slow down, Yuki. I should probably get my bearings before I go out to see the sights.

02-22-16_7:59:52 PM.png

YuYuki24: True. When do you start school?

RHerring: Next week. What’s it like?

YuYuki24: Pretty good, I guess. If you really need help, most everyone speaks Simlish, and anyone under 30 will certainly speak it fluently. You can probably ask the guys down at Dock Den if you don’t mind getting hit on 😉

RHerring: LOL. Hey, wanna play Blicblock?

YuYuki24: Totes!

YuYuki24 has left.

Closing Simchat…

Starting Blicblock…

Logging in RHerring…

Waiting for YuYuki24 to join the game.

02-22-16_8:01:51 PM.png

YuYuki24 wins!

RHerring: GG!

YuYuki24: You’ll never beat me! 🙂

RHerring: You are the best, Yukes.

YuYuki24: Oh, gotta go. My big sister is calling 😦

YuYuki24 has left the game.

Closing Blicblock…

Logging out Riley…

Shutting down…

02-22-16_8:15:35 PM.png