Someone New?

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Dove-Meadow 11

Dear Meadow,

There was never any doubt on my end that I would join your support system. You are a very good friend of mine. Of course I will support you.

I am so happy for you! Learning has always been a passion of mine. I, however, work in a field where we are always learning new things. Many other fields are not so ever-expanding as the STEM ones, so I’m very happy that you’re going to go back and learn even more!

A masters in art therapy seems like it is the perfect fit for your chosen life path! The more you learn, the more you can help others. That’s why I went into science: to carve out a new path to exciting places that may have the solution to the problems of others. I’ve been officially named laboratory leader, and I’m up for the annual Pioneer of New Technologies award, but that’s just words. The real accomplishments are the people I can help and the work I do.

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I’m so glad Micah can be in your support group too, and that she’s studying music therapy. It’s good that she’s found some peace. I’m also glad for your continuing friendship with Mizuki, and I hope you two become lifelong friends.

It’s good that you found a nanny Jena likes. You’ll need him when you go back to school.

I’m glad things are working out for your brother! A relationship working out is a very fine thing.

Speaking of relationships…

Maki and I went to the romance festival last week and tried the sakura tea. It was.. powerful. (Honestly, it gave me an idea for some stuff we’re doing at work, but that’s another story.)

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She was just glowing, and I had never felt so happy. The next thing I did may be the single decision I am most sure about in my whole life.

03-02-17_6:44:25 AM.png

I asked Maki Sasaki, the most beautiful woman I have ever known, to marry me.

03-02-17_6:44:41 AM.png

She said yes.

03-02-17_6:45:43 AM.png

We held a small ceremony at the festival. I was shaking, but Maki steadied me through the whole thing.

03-02-17_6:45:57 AM.png

I’ve read about festival weddings, even seen some, but I never thought I’d be in one. Everyone clapped, the girls were appalled, and I felt like the luckiest person in the world. I would have invited you, but there was no way I could have known ahead of time. We plan on having another ceremony in a year to commemorate, so you are definitely invited to that!

Taste of Diet and Weight of the World aren’t the only new formulations that may be making their way to store shelves– I’ll tell you more when we release them!

The thought forums are really fun! You open your mind all the way, so all thoughts enter your mind and all thoughts leave. There’s no way of knowing whose thoughts are whose, so anonymity is complete. The whole place is full of bean bags and mats because with so many thoughts in your head you don’t have the space to focus on standing up. Every hour, attendants come in to disconnect everyone so that we don’t get stuck and forget to leave, work, and eat. It’s amazing!

Exchanging emotions is a part of conversation. We broadcast our emotions to the other person or people, and they do the same for us throughout conversation, keeping an emotional link going while we talk, so we each know how the other feels about what we’re saying. This allows us to engage more in conversation and makes every conversation somewhat therapeutic. Even without telepathy, I suggest you try it– simply make time in conversation to tell a person how you honestly feel while you talk, and ask them to do the same.

Meadow, while I’ve never met you in person, I believe in what you do. I’m sure that whatever you do with your life, you will do it as a good and honest person for the benefit of others. Trust yourself, and go forwards.



Dove-Marisol 5

Dear Marisol,

I’m so happy that it’s going to be your birthday! I’m sorry about the long hours and tests, but I’m happy to hear you had fun at the spice festival! I make lots of pho at home, so by the time they’re old enough to enter the challenge they’ll be spice hounds and chopstick champions to boot!

In our free time, we like to go to the city park and picnic. Kiya loves to chase pigeons!

I am glad to hear that you are feeling better. Visiting your parent’s graves must have been very difficult for you. I feel obligated to tell you, though, that there is nothing wrong with crying. Crying too much may drag you down, but it’s important to air your feelings.

I see you wearing your new spice festival t-shirt in one of the photos. I love festival t-shirts! Here is a photo of me in one of mine!

05-13-17_10:42:22 AM.png

I was amused by your toddler-washing photo. I remember those days well. How wet did you get?

Well, I have work to do, so I’ll end this letter here. Read you later!



Hello, Isobel!


This is me, Universe or Uni, talking, and this is me, Christy Galea, writing. We have to do it like this because I (Universe) don’t speak English the best, and I (Christy Galea) do! I (Universe) tried something with the computer to write my profile, but it broke after that and CG got really mad and

CG: Slow down! Uh, tu parles trop vite!

U: Oh, pardon! Sor-ry.

CG: It’s okay. C’est rien.

she tried to fix the computer but then it started sparking and we had to hide from the computer-man and it was fun! I mean, it was scary, but also it was kinda fun hiding! But I’m still sorry, because CG would be in pretty big trouble if she got caught and she would have to go away. I’m not sure how much trouble I can get in, but if CG got in trouble I would follow her forever. She’s my best friend!

Do you have any friends like that, Isobel? Can you send pictures of your friends? I’m gonna try to send a picture of us, but not everybody can see me in pictures so I’m sorry if you can’t.

05-11-17_9:15:29 PM.png

Maybe you can send us some pictures of you! I’d like that, but maybe you shouldn’t becuase there’s nowhere to put them.

I’m super glad you like painting! CG told me that nobody paints anymore because we have pictures and cameras, but she must be wrong because you paint, don’t you?

Well, that’s all I have to say, so bye for now!


Dove-Meadow 10

Dear Meadow,

I am honored to be a part of your support group. Believe me, I will be here any time you need someone to talk to. I understand the importance of having many shoulders to lean on.

There is a sort of concept of privacy, but it’s different. Thoughts and emotions are considered things to be shared, not hidden. We have huge thought forums where we all go to think together- it’s amazing! When we’re happy, we share happiness, and when we’re sad we share that too.

04-24-17_4:45:02 PM.png

I don’t understand people who hurt one another. I don’t know how they deal with feeling all of the pain and suffering they cause. I think they enjoy it, somehow.

My littles are very independent now! They are city girls through and through. The Spice District is very tight-knit and safe, so my girls can go out and play all of the time. They have lots of friends and are very happy. I’m trying to raise them to not be afraid of who they are and what they can do, and I know I’ll support them throughout their lives.

04-24-17_4:21:15 PM.png

I am so happy to hear about your new friend! There’s a song the little taught me that new friends remind me of:

Make new friends but keep the old
One is silver and the other’s gold.

It goes on, too:

A circle is round, it has no end
That’s how long I want to be your friend!

I think there are more verses, but those are the ones everyone knows. Does Jena know the song? I suggest getting some Taste of Diet with your Weight of the World- the latter tends to expand waistlines, while the former can actually shrink them! The serums responsible are my part of the work, and I’m very proud. Taste of Diet is already doing wonders for obesity where it’s sold, and we’re hoping that the serum behind Weight of the World will be helpful combating anorexia.

That’s pretty much all that’s new with me! I’m glad Jena liked my little Kitty Compendium.

All the best,



04-20-17_10:07:31 PM.png


I’m Uni, (Universe) but you can call me Unicorn if you want. (Not me, the one typing. I’m typing for my friend because she’s not good with spelling. I’m Christy Galea.)

Wait, let’s try something…

04-20-17_10:12:32 PM.png

That’s better! Now I can make the machine do things myself!

Like I was saying, I’m Uni! I’m so glad I figured the floaty-thing out, because my English isn’t the best. But this way it doesn’t seem to matter what language I think in so long as I want it to be English.

I like my friend Christy! Sometimes I wish I could chat with other people, but it’s too dangerous. What if they call the Ghostbusters, like in that movie?

Sometimes I like to nap. I don’t have to, but I like to.

04-20-17_10:25:09 PM.png

I like getting food for Christy! This is how it works: when the nice people we live with leave food out, I take some, like this! They don’t see me, because I’m sneaky and careful and I don’t get seen when I don’t want to be seen.

04-20-17_10:11:06 PM.png

Then I give the food to Christy, like this! She gets pretty hungry when no one leaves food out sometimes, but that doesn’t happen too often. I think the girls who live here put dinner out early on purpose, just for us.

04-20-17_10:13:45 PM.png

I don’t like water. It reminds me of… stuff.

04-20-17_10:30:40 PM.png

Anyways, I hope you want to be my pen pal! I get lonely when Christy sleeps.


Dove-Meadow 9

Dearest Meadow,

I am sorry to tell you that domestic violence is a thing my people have too. However, (have I told you this) my people are telepathic, and so abusers cannot hide from us. We consider violence against others absolutely abhorrent, so I was very glad to discover similar attitudes here are more common than we first thought from studying your movies and TV. Painting sounds like an amazing form of therapy- I watch Maki paint sometimes, and everything just seems to slip out onto the canvas.

04-03-17_2:45:10 PM.png

I am not so frustrated as I was last I wrote, because some of our inventions are finally hitting store shelves! Do you eat ice cream? If so, you may notice the new flavors Weight of the World and Taste of Diet- made using proprietary substances I helped create! I can assure you that both are perfectly safe and made from naturally synthesized materials- we always use plants as our base.

A cat can be a Chat or Minou and its diminutive Minet for Kitty (French) Gato or diminutive Gatito (Spanish) 猫 (Neko, Japanese) חתול (Chatool, Hebrew) Cica (Tzi-tsaw, a good cat) or Mazcsa (mawtch-kaw, a bad cat, Hungarian). These are the words I know or have collected from my friends over the years, and I’m sure to learn more! I will always send you new words for cat.

I think that calling a person broken should imply that it’s a fixable problem- but I also understand the negative connotations of saying that a person needs fixing. Words cannot communicate intentions, which is a very bad thing for your non-telepathic people. Maybe we need words that are different depending on the intention.

My littles are not so little anymore! Please excuse the flood of images.

04-03-17_8:38:01 AM.png04-03-17_8:38:39 AM.png04-03-17_11:56:56 AM.png04-04-17_3:03:11 PM.png

As Emily Dickinson wrote, “Hope is the thing with feathers”. Have hope, and have wings-


Dove-Meadow 7

Dear Meadow,

The littles are still littles, I’m afraid. Time flows oddly in this world. Most are unaware of it (Maki is) but me and the littles can tell that not much time has been passing lately.


I’m writing from our new apartment! There’s more room here, so much more (I mean not really, but we all have rooms now so it feels like it) and the littles love it here! Our new neighbors are louder, though. I think we’re probably going to paint the walls, too.

03-14-17_11:05:16 PM.png

Also, a couple of pictures- Kari has learned spoons, and Kiya has learned sandwiches!

03-14-17_11:09:06 PM.png

03-14-17_11:10:28 PM.png

I would suppose that fabric and string would come to mind, but in our world time is knitted- a little of both, I guess. The string weaves and tucks and nips, and not all of it ends up here and some does that wasn’t there in the first place, and it creates a lovely scarf of you and me and our letters!

I am sorry to hear that you don’t know alien stories. Here is one I know:

Once, there was a little alien called II  TTYE   (you say it eebyttib, but I wrote it the way aliens write), and she went out one day in a big flying saucer with her daddies to fly around the stars! (Tell Jena that aliens can have a mommy or a daddy or both or two of one or three of any kind, so long as they all love one another.) And little II  TTYE   saw a pretty planet as they were passing by, and she asked her daddies if they could go there. And her daddies said “Sure, II  TTYE   (which wasn’t her real name, just a nickname, really), we can go there and find a new friend!” And so they went down to the planet, like landing in a sculpted bowl, and they sent down a pretty beam of light and they picked up a girl! And the alien and the girl went all around the solar system together, and they had the best time and had ice cream (it was Twin Roses, but you can say whatever flavor Jena likes) and when they had to go home they said they’d meet up again one day!

It’s a good story. I tell it to my little bittybees all of the time. They love it when I make the swoosh-swoosh-saucer noises, and tickle them up and down and all around the room!

03-19-17_8:13:10 AM.png

If you want I can send Jena a super-secret decryption code so she can learn alien writing. The symbols are the same as our writing, but they make different sounds.

I didn’t really have imaginary friends as a kid. My “pretend friend” was real, but she lived a long way away, so I used to pretend we were talking and stuff and whenever we had Twin Roses ice cream I always asked for a bowl for her.

03-19-17_9:19:34 AM.png

I can confirm (though how is a longer story) that you do, in fact, have a friend from the big “way out there”. It’s a big place, with lots of people, so you really shouldn’t be surprised. We blend right in.



PS: If Jena asks what the human girl’s name is, you can say Jena, or even Ms. Goodenough, but really it was Maki.

Dove-Meadow 6

A reply to: A letter from Meadow

Dear Meadow,

I’m not sure how time flows between our respective worlds, but I can tell you that the bitties are up and walking now! The appliances are mostly as fixed as they get, but we got a new tub to replace the shower while the little ones are still little so I’m working on that. It’s a form of stress relief, I suppose.03-01-17_11:04:32 PM.png

Maki is a godsend. Every day I come home, I praise the stars that we live together. I couldn’t do any of this without her. She takes care of everything from breakfast to bedtime. Honestly, I’m amazed.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Work is hard, but I just live for those precious moments- coming home to read them to bed or kiss them goodnight makes it all worthwhile.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The offer from your brother sounds interesting, but I’m pretty rooted here. I’ll tell my co-workers, though.

How wonderful that Jena likes to feed the kitties! My girls don’t seem to want to settle on any one toy right now, though they do like the dollhouse. If Jena likes being called a kitty-cat, I see no reason not to. Nicknames or real names, you should always be called something that reflects yourself. You got lucky, having such a good name.

Kiya has discovered chicken nuggets and knocking things off the high chair, Kari has discovered pots and pans, and I have discovered a sort of serum that I think could be revolutionary in the weight loss industry- all very hush-hush, of course.

Tell Jena some stories about aliens. Feel free to tell her you know someone from all the way past Mars! If Jena wants true stories, tell her about the strange things out there, the wild and the wonderful. Open her mind to believing more than just what her eyes see.

This apartment has been feeling cramped lately, with the four of us running around. I’ve been checking out the for let section in the papers, so next time I write it may be from a new house!

All the best,


Moss 1: A letter to Anya


I’m sorry. I’m just not sure if this is going to work. It seems really silly, in perspective.

But I suppose it’s not nothing.

I should start at the beginning. Hello, Anya, if that is your name- if you are still there, somehow reading this letter.

02-22-17_11:08:38 PM.png

I found your letter under a loose floorboard in the house I live in. I don’t know how it got there, freshly printed and neatly folded. I don’t know a lot of things about this house.

I should tell you that this is, strictly speaking, not my house. I’m not sure whose house this is. I don’t think this is anyone’s house, anymore.

02-22-17_11:03:33 PM.png

Your house does not sound at all like this one. For one, your house sounds… complete. This house is not complete. Maybe it is lonely, but I think it is sick. It is missing parts of the walls and floors. The wallpaper has been fully stripped off, perhaps by others who seem to have used this house as a meeting place. It is not a whole house.

I am lucky enough to have some counters, a workbench that was too heavy to move, some carpets and worn furniture left by the others before me, and a functional bathroom. I brought a tent with me, an old cooler I found by the side of a road, and some clothes. I tried to make a stool to sit on with the workbench and some scrap wood, but it didn’t turn out very well.

02-22-17_10:40:12 PM.png

I don’t think this house is quite a possessive as yours, or as strange. Sometimes I think the walls have changed color. Is it just me?

02-22-17_10:44:21 PM.png

I have written this on the back of the paper your letter was printed on, and will put it back where I found it. I don’t know if this will work, but you sound like you might know something about houses.

Maybe I’m crazy. I’m writing a letter to a person who might not exist and sending it through a hole in the floorboards.

It’s all I have.

-Kiana Moss