Welcoming New Arrivals

Welcome, everyone!03-17-16_12:26:03 PM.png

I am Journey McKenna- call me McKenna, please. You’ve been chosen to the first participants in our very special program.

You all used to be Townies- homeless Sims whose only purpose was to serve as a backdrop in a story. We rescued you from your dying world, and now you’ve come here, to us.

Before we get started, please Claim a bed and pick out some new clothes. Feel free to try on some cosmetics if you would like. The only rule is that no shoes are allowed in the house. You have all day, so no hurry!

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Now that you’re settled, please come on down to the fire circle.03-17-16_4:09:27 PM.png03-17-16_4:10:42 PM.png

Oh, sorry to startle you!

03-17-16_4:11:59 PM.png

Now that we’re all here, let’s go around and introduce ourselves.

03-17-16_4:13:11 PM.png
I’m Clint Collins. Someday, I dream of being the dad of a big happy family! I came to meet people and learn about caring for others.
03-17-16_4:13:17 PM.png
I’m Kaylin Wing. Some say I’m a little lazy, but there’s really nothing I like more than a friendly prank. I cam to get motivated and exercise my creativity.
03-17-16_4:13:22 PM.png
I’m Branden Wright. I came here to tap into my energetic side and learn more about myself.
03-17-16_4:13:25 PM.png
I’m Gloria Carjabal. I really want to see my family succeed, but I just can’t stand children. I came to learn to multitask while being more tolerant and forgiving.
03-17-16_4:13:30 PM.png
I’m Morgan Gunn. Some may call me a romantic, but really I just want to throw the best parties ever! I came to step out of the shadow of my loving but snappish mother and tough detective father at last and find myself.
03-17-16_4:13:33 PM.png
I’m Jana Cannon, one of your mentors and McKenna’s partner. I was once lost, trying to find the only people who made me feel special. McKenna helped my find myself and a new calling in life.
03-17-16_4:13:42 PM.png
I’m Phoenix McKenna- like the bird! I wanna hang out and have fun with everyone as much as I can!
03-17-16_4:13:48 PM.png
I’m Journey McKenna, Phoenix’s mom and your mentor here. I went through a lot trying to find my meaning in life, and when I met Jana I realized that I wasn’t the only one. I want to reach out to everyone and help them fulfill their dreams, and if you need help I’m always here.

“Now, listen! We do have a pretty tight schedule here, so you need to memorize this! Monday morning is exercise, Monday afternoon yoga. Tuesday morning is music, Tuesday afternoon is swimming. Wednesday is your free day- you can do whatever you want all day. Thursday morning is art, Thursday afternoon is meditation. Friday morning is botany, Friday afternoon is dance. Saturday and Sunday are custom days- we guide you based on what we’ve observed during the week. Sound fair? OK- Class dismissed!”