Bizoopagoto Theremin Memories


Oh, thank the Watcher!

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 9.38.27 AM.png

Someone responded to my post on the forum! Thank you, comments!

In other news – I got a huge check in the mail the other day. It’s signed in the same weird language that’s on T’s birth certificate, so I’m pretty sure it’s from the aliens…. I’m never going to get used to saying that. I mean, I knew aliens existed, I just never thought I’d see them. Interact with them. GIve birth to one.

So, what do you guys think? Should I take a risk and cash it? I could use the money. I mean, I make a decent living, but I essentially live in a box and my kitchen smells like the ghost of a thousand dead grilled cheeses.

Oh, gotta go. T’s woken up.

Bizoopagoto Theremin Memories


So, again, I wound up hacking security cameras. This time it was at the hospital.

Please tell me that you’re seeing what I’m seeing. Please tell me I’m not crazy.

03-14-18_5:53:00 PM

03-14-18_5:53:26 PM

03-14-18_5:54:23 PM

03-14-18_5:56:15 PM

03-14-18_5:57:10 PM

Edit: This is a photo from home this morning.

03-14-18_6:01:45 PM.png

The birth certificate is written half in gibberish, but the bits I can read say that it’s a female named Theremin. Did I give her that name? It sounds like something I would have done…

What am I gonna do?

Please, if you have any ideas, any links, anything…

I hate to say this, but internet commenters, you are my only hope.

Bizoopagoto Theremin Memories


03-14-18_5:36:46 PM.png

Work has been going okay lately…

03-14-18_5:38:36 PM.png

…apart from this.

Yeah. I’ve been really packing on the pounds lately, but something tells me it’s a little more than that. Namely, the fact that I’ve been scheduled for a surgery in about a week.

Edit: Here’s a more recent photo. Does anyone have any idea what all this is?

Bizoopagoto Theremin Memories


03-14-18_5:28:08 PM.png

Hello, blog… thing.

How do I even start one of these?

Okay, so I have no idea what I’m doing. I only just started a blog because something freaky happened to me, and I wanted to find out if anyone else knew about it. I mean, before this, this is all you would have seen.

02-27-16_9:49:55 PM

But if that were all I have to share, I wouldn’t be writing this. I’d be slogging through another lab report. To cut to the point- I had a weirdly vivid dream last night. Normally I ignore them, but this one was so bizarre, so clear… So I checked the security camera footage from that night. Most of it was scrambled, but I saved a few pictures…

02-27-16_10:09:05 PM

02-27-16_10:07:53 PM

02-27-16_10:08:05 PM

02-27-16_10:14:39 PM

I brought them into the lab, but I never got an answer. So this thing is my best chance. I just hope someone else knows what is going on…

02-27-16_10:35:30 PM