Bizoopagoto Theremin Memories


03-31-18_2:19:23 PM.png

I’m so sorry, Dad.

For all those reading this post: this blog no longer exists, as far as you are concerned. It will no longer update. There will be no responses to any questions.

Do not try to track us down. Do not try to e-mail, post, or comment. Your contacts have been deleted, and any messages you try to send will be too.

You have been warned.

03-31-18_4:04:23 PM.png

Oh, my head. Wait, where am I?

03-31-18_4:04:46 PM.png


Who are you?

Oh no… You really don’t… It’s never been this bad before…

Please, don’t you remember? I’m your daughter, Theremin.


By Xaneathmar

Life is short and inspiration fleeting. Write what you can, while you can.

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