Well, the check cleared. Why am I surprised?

Here’s a picture of what I did with the money:

03-26-18_7:18:28 PM.png

Yes, that’s right: new kitchen. No longer shall I be persistently haunted by the fear of a gas leak! I should have done this ages ago!

T’s doing great. The way she smiles at me almost makes me forget how much she cries.

I’ve been studying her bassinet in my free time – do you know, it actually hovers just above the ground? It doesn’t touch the carpet! It’s as solid as a rock if I bump against it, but if I want to move it I just push it along and it glides!

I’m not going to get to enjoy this discovery for long, though. T’s getting bigger and bigger, and soon she’ll be up on her feet at last!

…I get the feeling that I’m going to be missing these days soon.


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