So, again, I wound up hacking security cameras. This time it was at the hospital.

Please tell me that you’re seeing what I’m seeing. Please tell me I’m not crazy.

03-14-18_5:53:00 PM

03-14-18_5:53:26 PM

03-14-18_5:54:23 PM

03-14-18_5:56:15 PM

03-14-18_5:57:10 PM

Edit: This is a photo from home this morning.

03-14-18_6:01:45 PM.png

The birth certificate is written half in gibberish, but the bits I can read say that it’s a female named Theremin. Did I give her that name? It sounds like something I would have done…

What am I gonna do?

Please, if you have any ideas, any links, anything…

I hate to say this, but internet commenters, you are my only hope.


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