Epilogue: Tofu

Dawn is beautiful over the city.

11-19-17_10:18:38 AM.png

David’s new life is tiring, but only about as tiring as farming.

11-16-17_10:37:49 PM.png

Day and night he busks for tips in the streets of San Myshuno.

11-16-17_10:12:57 PM.png

Tofu is with him, of course… mostly.

It’s thanks to her that he’s out of Newcrest. She saved Edda Spence from drowning and became a national hero. Tours, speeches, ribbons presented by Dr. Spence himself and a slightly older Edda… Tofu got the royal treatment, and David got to give it to her.

All good things must come to an end, though. As Tofu got older, she got sick, and it became clear that Newcrest didn’t have the facilities to take care of her. So it was that the two of them were shipped out to the little town of Brindleton Bay and the pet hospital there, and so it was that Tofu died outside of Newcrest’s control.

So David left.

11-16-17_10:17:19 PM.png

What else could he do? He took the urn with Tofu’s ashes and his guitar, and he ran.

The dawn is beautiful over San Myshuno, because it’s free.


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