Kubi Kedi biju Ti: Kedi’s Diary 1


Xidastaliyu momokwe vreliuzo-in’i hoplovoxouki in’i-tasuzo E. O pavazi E leslespaze E godlila-erina moiskahoploho. A kicoopavazo-yotomazo E. A tomazi (E yogodilaze-erinaze moiskahoploho).

A yotoktokzi golan E yogodilazi-erinazi moiskahoploho. Ji E totokozi. A kono E sintukwe.

Momokwe yotoma (E totokozi (E sinyukwe)), ji E shishizi. E totokozi \ yopavazi.

E kwishazi shishi-paya biju-bubi. E kwishazi (shishi \ yopaya).

Ruli yopayazo. Gohan E lespazi? A min’zi’mi pfura? E jumanazi yo.

Gopan kuri? E hashizi poppoze-ponyoze (poppoi in’i EA).

E jumanazi (momokwe yohoplogafa-gafa hoplovoxouki).

Biju-Kubi Kedi

Dear Diary,

Mum gave me this book for writing in. She says that maybe if I practice, I will learn Simlish. But she lied and I did not believe her. She doesn’t think that I will learn Simlish.

She doesn’t know why I can’t learn Simlish. But I know. It’s because I’m a peace soldier.

Mum doesn’t know that I know I’m a peace soldier. But I listen. I know, and I don’t talk.

I like listening to the hundred-forty-three. I like listening to their songs. I don’t sing, though.

Lately, seventy-seven has not been singing. What happened? Has he caught pfura? I hope not. I like listening to his songs.

Where is forty-two? I miss our games.

I hope Mum doesn’t read this,

Kedi (forty-seven).



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