Chapter 2: New

Well, wouldja look at that.

11-05-17_4:07:11 PM.png

After all these years of waiting, Kinley’s application for running water went through. No more washing dishes in the tub!

They also have a generator. Lights! Fire sprinklers! An honest-to-goodness generator!

11-05-17_4:15:22 PM.png

Kinley can’t hate the toddlers anymore, not when they’ve brought such lasting bounty. On the other hand, this stuff barely makes up for all the extra work. The family often spends their days cold, hungry, filthy, and tired.

The stall out back where they sell extra things is empty. There’s been no time to scavenge; harvest season is coming soon, and the boys have almost grown out of their clothes.

11-05-17_4:58:23 PM.png

In reality, all the new things have changed nothing. Their lives are hard. Kinley has barely any time between the carrots and the kids.

11-05-17_5:03:03 PM.png

Pumping water for a toddler bath is a common chore- one Kinley ofter barely has the energy to do.

11-05-17_5:05:29 PM.png

Only her goal of reaching the harvest season keeps her moving. She prays to the Watcher and Patron both that the children will be old enough to help.

11-05-17_5:11:17 PM.png

Despite her noble goals, the woodworking table stands unused. There’s just no time.

Will they make it?


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