Dove’s Daily Diary 10: Kedi’s Halloween

Dear Kedi:

10-11-17_8:12:34 PM

Happy Halloween! It’s the first one we’ve really celebrated as a family.

10-11-17_8:14:24 PM

You were so excited to carve pumpkins and get costumes. I never really celebrated it with the girls, being busy with work, but now that my job is to take care of you I couldn’t say no to those eyes.

10-11-17_8:15:01 PM

So we got ourselves a carving table, and you started to work right away!

10-11-17_8:15:45 PM

You put so much work into that pumpkin…

10-11-17_8:16:02 PM

…and this is what we got!

10-11-17_8:29:08 PM

Not the most perfect pumpkin, but so cute! Maki, Jenny, Sarah, and I also made pumpkins!

This one was Jenny-Kari’s:

10-11-17_10:35:51 PM.png

This one was Sarah-Kiya’s:

10-11-17_10:44:30 PM.png

This one was Maki’s (I love her sense of humor):

10-11-17_10:38:54 PM.png

Look! I made a kedi-pumpkin:

10-11-17_10:31:44 PM.png

I’ve been telling you all about our homeworld’s Spook Night, too. After that comes Spirit Day, when we honor the dead. Maki tells me that some cultures here have a Day of the Dead too, and that it comes right after Halloween! Wow!

Kediké, you look so happy. I hope you can always stay that happy.



3 Replies to “Dove’s Daily Diary 10: Kedi’s Halloween”

  1. Oh mine gods. Kedi’s a child already. I really should get into writing, I feel incompetent!

    The amount of cute within this chapter was overflowing. I’ve always wanted to try carving a pumpkin.


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