Free Day

Sylvia spent the fourth day in the study.

10-09-17_10:58:19 AM.png

She found old math workbooks and puzzled out the problems.

10-09-17_11:04:52 AM.png

She delved into tomes of vampire lore.

10-09-17_11:07:58 AM.png

She meditated, surrounded by books and the knowledge contained in them.

10-09-17_11:10:32 AM.png

She practiced the pipe organ.

When all of that was done, Sylvia went outside.

10-09-17_11:53:29 AM.png

She read the epitaphs on the gravestones in the memorial pavilion.

10-09-17_11:54:14 AM.png

She tried to figure out who the statue woman watching over the graves was.

10-09-17_4:13:30 PM.png

She harvested the plasma fruits in the fountain pavilion and put them in the icebox.

10-08-17_10:46:34 PM.png

She even got out of the garden and went for a jog.

When she exhausted her options outside, she explored her room.

10-09-17_11:26:06 AM.png

She opened the cosmetics in the bathroom.

10-09-17_12:08:23 PM.png

She experimented with the perfumes.

10-09-17_3:05:00 PM.png

She organized the closet and made the bed.

10-09-17_4:17:22 PM.png

She set the table and had another bowl of Aylin’s plasma fruit salad.

10-09-17_4:19:18 PM.png

She examined the labels on the strange jars in the cupboards.

When Aylin got home, she brought a gift.

“I got a science kit at the store. I thought it might help make up for what Ingram put you through.”

10-09-17_4:43:39 PM.png

Together they assembled the kit.

10-09-17_4:53:00 PM.png

“Wow! Aylin, you’re good at this!”

Aylin chuckled. “I’ve spent a long time fixing things. Little projects like this are a breeze!”

“So, how did you know about Ingram?”

Aylin turned serious. “I asked her to train you. I didn’t anticipate her reaction.”

“You asked her to do that?”

“Not to hurt you, certainly! It’s been so long since she trained anyone, I’d almost forgotten how she worked. She won’t be doing that again, I assure you.”

“Do I have to train with her some more?”

“Only if you feel comfortable doing so. I’m not going to force you to see her again.”

10-09-17_8:33:08 PM.png

Sylvia took a deep breath.

“I’ll go back, so long as nothing like that happens again. I want to learn.”

Aylin looked at her for a long moment. “You’re brave.”

“I want to learn. If you’re not going to teach me, I’ll have to learn from Ingram.”

“Very well. The day after tomorrow, you’ll see her again.”

“And tomorrow?”

10-09-17_8:53:31 PM.png

“Tomorrow we go swimming.”


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