Dear Meadow,

I’ll send the agency’s contact information. I don’t know if I can think of anyone better to take care of one of these toddlers!

How is Jena doing? Has she learned any more words for cat lately? How big is she? How long has it been since you last got one of my letters, in your time?

10-08-17_9:15:52 PM.png

I’m not directly involved with the project (apart from caring for Kedi, of course) but I’m sure you could volunteer to help with the little ones who haven’t been adopted yet! Someone caring and kind and knowledgeable like you is always helpful in a situation like this!

Kedi is doing so well! She’s really flourishing with us. She’s such a little darling.

10-04-17_7:34:22 AM.png

I will look around and see if any caregivers could use your help. We have a forum we use to communicate.

Sorry this letter is so short. I have a toddler running around trying to get into the cupboards.




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