09-11-17_5:22:39 PM.png

All my work, all my care, and they got her anyways! They didn’t take her, but it won’t matter- she’ll go to them when she comes of age, now, if I don’t fix this fast!

09-16-17_7:24:59 PM.png

She’s still eating, still breathing. They haven’t got her yet.

09-11-17_5:25:22 PM.png

I have no choice. She’s old enough to be on her own, and mine enough still so as not to let them in.

09-16-17_7:26:37 PM.png

I have to leave the house. I knew this day would come, when I would need to go forth and find the things she will need to know. I just didn’t think would ever need to know them.

09-16-17_7:29:29 PM.png

I have to go to the library.

09-11-17_9:53:29 AM.png

It may be her only hope.


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