We had her birthday today.

09-11-17_9:37:52 AM.png

She’s seven now. By all rights, she should be starting school.

09-11-17_10:00:26 AM.png

I’m teaching her everything I know. I bought a school workbook from the supply store.

09-11-17_10:02:26 AM.png

Still, she’s going to start asking soon. She’ll want to know why she can’t go outside, why she can’t answer the door, and I won’t have good answers. What will she believe?

09-11-17_12:25:05 PM.png

The night knocks are becoming more and more frequent. They wake me up, and I have to remind myself that they can’t come in if I don’t let them.

09-11-17_12:27:11 PM.png

I’ve made sure of that.


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