Fr00g33, huh? I’ll send out an invite to party with your accounts. I’ll play on my secondary, MasterVamp – not nearly as overleveled.

Have you ever gotten a chance to try motion gaming? It’s a little too expensive for most people, but you get a really good workout and it’s super fun!

A suggestion for you… do you really think GamingVampireAlpha is one person? I have to say, it is improbable that one person could do all that…

Do you like playing any other games? I like Extreme Sports, but you need pretty good reflexes for that.

09-09-17_12:23:58 PM.png

Making anyone cry is wrong, boy or girl! Mean jokes are always bad too. You shouldn’t be friends with people who make mean jokes, so I’m glad to hear that you aren’t friends with Olivia anymore. You shouldn’t feel bad about losing someone who was so mean.

My other hobbies? I like to garden and cook and fish! Sometimes I make meals with entirely fresh ingredients! Other times I bake fresh cookies for Miss Mia. I also like to go out dancing sometimes, but only at night. I love the energy at nightclubs (but you’ll have to wait until you’re older to hear about that!)

09-09-17_12:12:32 PM.png

I’m sorry this letter is so short! My life hasn’t been very interesting lately.

PS: exploits means the amazing things you’ve done, like the gaming exploits of GamingVampireAlpha.


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