Dove’s Daily Diary 6

Dear Kedi,


Today you learned numbers! You learned all the way up to twelve- ti, pi, ki, ji, li, ri, fi, di, zi, ni, bi, tui! Go you! By next week, you should have learned how to count all the way to toui!

You also asked what kiya and kari meant. I told you about kiya, about hydrogen combusting in the depths of space, and kari, huge yet small orbs or rock reflecting light onto other orbs of rock. You were confused, but then I pointed up at our kari, the only one you know, and said the word again. Kari. Moon. You asked me, have I even been there? I said no, but maybe someday. Maybe someday.

Maybe someday you will go to the moon, my little child of the stars. Sleep tight.



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