Dove’s Daily Diary 4

Dear Diary,

Well, Dear Kedi, really! I’ve decided to leave you this diary when you get older, so that you can understand where you come from and why you’re here.

Kedi, I don’t know how you do it, but every moment with you is special. The girls love you, Maki is charmed, and I suppose that I am too. I’d worry about them being jealous, but Kiya told you the same thing the other day. I don’t think you understood, but I know that you feel loved and special, and for now that’s all you need.

07-15-17_7:18:08 PM.png

Someday you’ll have questions for us, and we’ll have to answer. Someday you’ll want to know why you have different skin than us, why your ears point back when ours go up. That day, we’ll tell you, and we’ll hide nothing, because we love you, our Kedi, and we want you to know who you are. Even if you aren’t like us, we love you anyways, bizoopagoto, because you are family. No matter what, you are family.


Your mother.


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