Games and Genes

Dear Neils,

Not all pipe organs are that big! Mine is only about the size of a piano. It sits in my living room, and I play it when company comes over.

Twin brothers are a little harder than that! See, people come from eggs, just like chickens, but a person egg is inside the mother and the person hatches inside their mother’s tummy. Twins happen when two people hatch from the same egg – like when sometimes you find a double yolk in eggs? Chicken twins.

Families are complicated! If you really want Lyle to be your big brother, just ask him if he wants to be!

I think wards are generally children. I do not think that Lyle could be a ward.

Forgotten Hollow is quite a ways from Willow Creek! I might have to take a plane to get to you!

You mentioned in your letter that you like video games. I, too, like video games! We should play together sometime if it’s okay with your parents. My handle for The R.E.F.U.G.E. is GamingVampireAlpha- tell me what yours is in your next letter, and then we can all play together!

07-08-17_6:57:40 PM.png

Danna sounds like a very good friend! I hope that the two of you stay together for a very long time!

I’m sorry this letter is so short; I don’t really get out much, so there’s not much for me to write about. I hope to hear about all of your latest exploits come next letter!

All the best,



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