Dear Edith

Dear Edith,

Oh! I’m so glad you wrote to me! There’s nothing like new friends to make things all better!

I, too, love to read, but nowadays most of what I read is technical papers. My wife is a writer, though – while she mostly writes reviews for papers, she used to write many stories to read to our children when they were younger. Who knows; maybe your columns have appeared side-by-side without you even knowing it!

It’s not like I love cooking for its own sake, but I love the smiles it puts on my family’s faces! Good, homemade ramen and egg rolls are so much better than junk food from a store!

My lovely family consists of my wife, Maki Sasaki, and my two children Sarah and Jenny. We live in the Spice Market district of San Myshuno, in a little apartment overlooking the Flea Market.

I just recently celebrated a birthday! Here are some pictures a friend took at the party:

07-06-17_1:57:01 PM.png07-06-17_1:57:51 PM.png

Well, that’s all I can think of to write! Till next time,

Your new friend Dove.




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