More Explanations

Dear Cornelius,

Oh, sorry! You prefer Neils.

Dear Neils, then:

DNA does look a lot like pasta! It doesn’t really have colors, but we draw it with colors because the colors represent different kinds of bits of DNA. (By the way, DNA is capitalized because it’s an acronym. An acronym is when you take only the first letters of a word and put them all together and say that instead of using lots of long words. They do it a lot in science, because science has lots of long words.)

Yes, you got the explanation exactly right! You and your half-brother have DNA that is similar, but not the same. If you were full brothers, your DNA would be almost the same, but not quite because it gets scrambled some when it combines, and if you were twins you would have exactly the same DNA!

A pipe organ is an instrument much like a piano. Look them up on google – they’re very pretty and they sound even prettier. They look and sound very much like pianos, but you have to play them a bit differently and work the pedals more. Since you have a piano you already know pretty well what a pipe organ looks like – you just didn’t know that you knew!

07-06-17_10:24:59 AM.png

I can see how you got your organs confused! An organ is a type of musical instrument, but also a part of your body. The esophagus and the intestines are both that second kind of organ. A pipe organ is the first kind.

Don’t worry about me thinking you’re dumb; nobody knows everything at first! I didn’t use to know very much, but I’ve learned a lot since then and now I know a lot of stuff!

07-04-17_11:58:12 AM.png

Ward is an old word for someone you kinda adopted but didn’t really adopt with papers and stuff. Miss Mia is my niece, and I take care of her since her mom lives at a different house and works all of the time. Her name is really Mabeline Tanvi Mia Goth, but that’s too much to use all of the time so she goes by Tanvi Mia and I call her Miss Mia.

If I had pets, I would like a cat. Cats are sleek and graceful. I might also like a horse if such things could be had, but I can move faster without a horse.

Who is Mr. Danna’s dad? In fact, I just realized that I’ve spent so much time explaining I haven’t really learned anything about you! Tell me about your friends, and I’ll tell you about me now!

You already know that my name is Aylin, but you probably don’t know that I live in Forgotten Hollow, or that my best friend is Lilith Vatore (she’s very nice, once you get to know her!) I live in a little old two-story house with Tanvi, and we like it there a lot.

07-06-17_10:28:49 AM.png

I don’t think you can get superpowers from having the sun in your eyes. You can’t get superpowers from carrots either. Carrots being good for your eyes is just propaganda, which is misinformation spread by the government in order to make citizens or enemies believe false things. In WWII, the British created the myth of carrots being good for your eyes in order to hide the fact that they had radar, which is a technology which allows us to detect things in the dark. Carrots do have Vitamin A though, which will help to keep you from going blind.

Oh, there I went and spent another letter explaining things to you again. You need to keep me better on track, Neils!


P.S: I don’t want any more superpowers. I have enough of them already.


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