Dear Meadow,

Oh, I’m so happy for you! It sounds like you are having a wonderful time right now!

Yes, I did get the award. It was such an honor, but what’s really important is the work. Right now, I’m working with a serum based on the recipe of the Romance Festival’s sakura tea. Look for a new formulation of Twin Roses ice cream soon!

07-04-17_4:35:57 PM.png

The girls are teenagers now! It’s a little rough, but they’re very independent and responsible.

07-04-17_1:32:22 PM.png

Despite our divided interests, we’re tight-knit as a family. We sing, we chat, we set the table and wash the dishes together. Since we’re all so busy with our school and jobs, we turn everything into family time.

07-04-17_1:45:47 PM.png

Meadow, you’ll be one of the best therapists there is. There are some things that can’t be learned, and you have those already.

Kiya and Kari are almost ready to choose their names! It’s a big deal, so they will take as long as they need and pick as many names as they want. Names are very important, after all. In our culture, you can have names for friends, names for family, names just for your loved one, nicknames for just one special person in your life… so Kiya and Kari will still be around, it’s just that they’ll have other names for being out and about. I can’t wait to see what they’ll choose!

07-04-17_4:34:54 PM.png

07-04-17_4:45:42 PM.png

It sounds like all is going well with you and your friends, and Jena of course! I miss the time when my littles were that little sometimes, but I don’t miss the diapers! Sigh… In our strange folds of spacetime, my children have been born and grown while yours has barely changed!

Well, until next time,

Your dear friend INWk.


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