Dove-Marisol 15

Of course I can send you some pictures! These are without the disguise, so that the children will see that there are other aliens out there.

06-07-17_10:21:17 PM.png06-07-17_10:18:37 PM.png

Plus, here is a picture that Maki took of me playing with Kari. She’s so cute!

06-07-17_10:24:51 PM.png

Perhaps when your kids are older I can get dispensation to take them on a little “field trip” to Sixam. I’m sure they’d love it!

Maki and I got married at the Romance Festival this past year! It was so wonderful… I still can’t believe it sometimes!

Oh, Kiya’s hair has been getting so curly! I think the girls are going to hit puberty soon… fun times.




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