We Moved

Dear Isobel,

06-02-17_4:46:00 PM.png

We moved.

Me, CG, and Uni live somewhere else now. It’s kinda nice, I guess.

I get to go to school now. I like learning things. Sometimes they give me projects and I like that.

There are two other guys who live here. They live here because they have to. Everyone says they can’t go live near them.

There’s a basketball court out back. Uni likes it better than the pool.

06-02-17_5:51:56 PM.png

Everyone at school looks at me funny. I don’t care. They’re stupid. Uni comes with me to school and we talk, and I don’t care if they can’t see her because Uni is my bestest friend.

People glare at me for knowing the answers to stuff. Why do they care who tells them what’s right? I learned a lot of this from my Caretaker. I miss her.

If your sister is going through a dark period, try to find out why. Don’t just ask her why things are wrong.

Sorry this letter is short. As you can see, I had to hand-write it. I don’t have a computer anymore.

-Christy Galea (and Uni was here too)


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