Dove-Marisol 13


Of course I can tell you about Sixam! Sixam is a very beautiful place, and I love it very much.

The first thing you will notice about Sixam is that it is dark, because we are not close enough to the sun to have a day and night. Because everything is so dark, all of our plants and minerals glow in the dark. We have beautiful glowing cities of light in the darkness, where we live most of our days in what you might call peace.

04-03-17_2:45:10 PM

We have halls of thought, where we all think together (I should warn you that your children are telepathic) and halls of learning, where we do research together. Our homes are simple but complete, our society is based on unity and choice, and we believe in love.

Letting your children choose their form is a wonderful thing. Choice is a fundamental cornerstone of Sixamian society, so don’t worry that you are doing a bad job or not providing them with a good upbringing. I know that you will be a good parent no matter what you do. Trust me.



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