Dove-Marisol 9

Oh, Marisol!

I am so glad you are Alien Aware; that makes this much easier on us, but I think it pretty much defeats the purpose of the children being with you.

I managed to get a quick response from my supervisors on the subject. They were shocked to hear that children, especially twins, were sent to a mother so young with so little notice. I will have to fill them in on more details, but it seems as if the children were sent with no approval, outside of the normal procedure. Don’t worry: they can’t be taken away unless you send them.

As you may know, Aliens sometimes send alien babies to live and grow amongst your kind. The children then return home for a while at least to share their experiences. And yes, I said your kind: I am an alien, as are my children.

Robin and Alec are lovely names. I think that they are going to be very lucky to have you!

Love and luck,

Your friend Dove


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