Dove-Marisol 7


I apologise. That wasn’t very polite of me.

How much can you tell me about your situation? What happened? Were the infants deposited with any sort of notes or birth certificates?

I am unsure if higher-ups know I’m in contact with you at this point. I may not be allowed much to do with these children. Care for them as you would a human baby. If you tell any doctor that you recently suffered from unexpected weight gain, they’ll be puzzled but connect you with an authorized and reliable pediatrician.

I’m sorry for being cryptic. Generally we’re not supposed to know about this kind of thing or interfere. I am probably not supposed to tell you what I’m telling you right now. If I get authorization to be your Host Information Provider, I’ll tell you more.

I’m sorry. I haven’t even asked if you live in a GA or AA sector. Is this your first experience with aliens? Were you previously aware of aliens? If so, there’s much more I’m allowed to tell you. Your letter mentions traits, so that’s a good sign.

I am so sorry that this has been thrust upon you. My bitties were unplanned for, but I love them dearly. Thanks to my dear wife I wasn’t a single mother, but I can sympathize with you greatly. If you need money, I can try to help. My work is going well at the moment and I just won an award with a cash prize, so we have enough to give.

Marisol, whatever happens to you and your new children, I will support you in whatever ways I can. I promise that.



3 Replies to “Dove-Marisol 7”

    1. The response from the higher-ups is pretty much going to be, “How in the name of something did an eighteen-year-old get placed as host for TWO infants?” They can’t do anything since she adopted the babies, but they will license Dove to be her info provider.

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