Pen Pals

Dove-Meadow 11

Dove has some surprising news to share.

Dear Meadow,

There was never any doubt on my end that I would join your support system. You are a very good friend of mine. Of course I will support you.

I am so happy for you! Learning has always been a passion of mine. I, however, work in a field where we are always learning new things. Many other fields are not so ever-expanding as the STEM ones, so I’m very happy that you’re going to go back and learn even more!

A masters in art therapy seems like it is the perfect fit for your chosen life path! The more you learn, the more you can help others. That’s why I went into science: to carve out a new path to exciting places that may have the solution to the problems of others. I’ve been officially named laboratory leader, and I’m up for the annual Pioneer of New Technologies award, but that’s just words. The real accomplishments are the people I can help and the work I do.

05-14-17_9:43:36 AM.png

I’m so glad Micah can be in your support group too, and that she’s studying music therapy. It’s good that she’s found some peace. I’m also glad for your continuing friendship with Mizuki, and I hope you two become lifelong friends.

It’s good that you found a nanny Jena likes. You’ll need him when you go back to school.

I’m glad things are working out for your brother! A relationship working out is a very fine thing.

Speaking of relationships…

Maki and I went to the romance festival last week and tried the sakura tea. It was.. powerful. (Honestly, it gave me an idea for some stuff we’re doing at work, but that’s another story.)

03-02-17_6:40:10 AM.png

She was just glowing, and I had never felt so happy. The next thing I did may be the single decision I am most sure about in my whole life.

03-02-17_6:44:25 AM.png

I asked Maki Sasaki, the most beautiful woman I have ever known, to marry me.

03-02-17_6:44:41 AM.png

She said yes.

03-02-17_6:45:43 AM.png

We held a small ceremony at the festival. I was shaking, but Maki steadied me through the whole thing.

03-02-17_6:45:57 AM.png

I’ve read about festival weddings, even seen some, but I never thought I’d be in one. Everyone clapped, the girls were appalled, and I felt like the luckiest person in the world. I would have invited you, but there was no way I could have known ahead of time. We plan on having another ceremony in a year to commemorate, so you are definitely invited to that!

Taste of Diet and Weight of the World aren’t the only new formulations that may be making their way to store shelves– I’ll tell you more when we release them!

The thought forums are really fun! You open your mind all the way, so all thoughts enter your mind and all thoughts leave. There’s no way of knowing whose thoughts are whose, so anonymity is complete. The whole place is full of bean bags and mats because with so many thoughts in your head you don’t have the space to focus on standing up. Every hour, attendants come in to disconnect everyone so that we don’t get stuck and forget to leave, work, and eat. It’s amazing!

Exchanging emotions is a part of conversation. We broadcast our emotions to the other person or people, and they do the same for us throughout conversation, keeping an emotional link going while we talk, so we each know how the other feels about what we’re saying. This allows us to engage more in conversation and makes every conversation somewhat therapeutic. Even without telepathy, I suggest you try it– simply make time in conversation to tell a person how you honestly feel while you talk, and ask them to do the same.

Meadow, while I’ve never met you in person, I believe in what you do. I’m sure that whatever you do with your life, you will do it as a good and honest person for the benefit of others. Trust yourself, and go forwards.



By Xaneathmar

Life is short and inspiration fleeting. Write what you can, while you can.

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