Hello, Isobel! This is me, Uni (that’s Universe, not Unicorn) writing back to you!

I’m sorry if we weren’t super-duper clear. Me, Universe, the one talking- I’m the ghost. And me, Christy Galea, the one writing, I’m alive. Sorry about that!

Ghosts are a lot like normal people, I suppose! I take naps out of habit, and sometimes I eat food just for fun. I can kinda taste it, too, especially spicy food! The real big thing is that I walk through walls! Oh, and drip, too. We have to keep cleaning up puddles. It’s cool that you saw me!

It’s good that you have so many friends! I didn’t used to have too many friends, but CG is my bestest friend now and we go everywhere together cause I don’t really have anything else to do. Thank you for the pictures! We had to throw them away, because we can’t really carry them or put them up, but it was nice of you to send them. It’s cool that you’re friends with an alien! I’ve never met an alien. Is she green?

What’s a date? CG couldn’t really tell me about dates, but I guess it’s a thing you do when you like someone? I hope he likes you back, because the boy my big sister liked just wanted to look up her skirts. He wasn’t very nice.

CG: Tu as- oh pardon, tu as eu une grande sœur?

U: Oui! Elle s’appelle Sophie, et nous nous aimons beaucoup! …Nous nous avons aimées beaucoup.

CG: Oh, Uni…

CG says that she never saw people painting where she was from, but she thought that mostly people took pictures of one another – click! – instead of having pictures painted.

Your dreams sound really nice! Maybe one day I will go visit you with CG and we will talk about lots of things! I’m super sorry that your instructor is mean cause I bet you’re super good at painting!

Love you,

Uni and CG


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