Hello, Isobel!


This is me, Universe or Uni, talking, and this is me, Christy Galea, writing. We have to do it like this because I (Universe) don’t speak English the best, and I (Christy Galea) do! I (Universe) tried something with the computer to write my profile, but it broke after that and CG got really mad and

CG: Slow down! Uh, tu parles trop vite!

U: Oh, pardon! Sor-ry.

CG: It’s okay. C’est rien.

she tried to fix the computer but then it started sparking and we had to hide from the computer-man and it was fun! I mean, it was scary, but also it was kinda fun hiding! But I’m still sorry, because CG would be in pretty big trouble if she got caught and she would have to go away. I’m not sure how much trouble I can get in, but if CG got in trouble I would follow her forever. She’s my best friend!

Do you have any friends like that, Isobel? Can you send pictures of your friends? I’m gonna try to send a picture of us, but not everybody can see me in pictures so I’m sorry if you can’t.

05-11-17_9:15:29 PM.png

Maybe you can send us some pictures of you! I’d like that, but maybe you shouldn’t becuase there’s nowhere to put them.

I’m super glad you like painting! CG told me that nobody paints anymore because we have pictures and cameras, but she must be wrong because you paint, don’t you?

Well, that’s all I have to say, so bye for now!



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