Dear Anya,

I don’t really have much to write about, so this page will contain several short letters. Sorry.

04-18-17_5:02:29 PM

The “peach” has germinated into a small sapling.

Someone left me a strange fruit. I planted it. Who knows what will happen?

The chess piece became a whole chess board when I set it on the ground. It didn’t shift or morph, though. It just was a chess board, and I couldn’t tell if it hadn’t always been a chess board. I had to read your letter several times to make sure that what I had been sent had, in fact, been a chess piece and not a whole board.

Sabrina tells me that the chess set might be worth money. She has money, so I suppose she would know about it. She doesn’t have a house, in the same sense, or live in or with one, so she doesn’t know very much about houses.

If the chess set is worth something, what should I buy with the money? Maybe interior walls.




Have you ever been a boy, in any of your lives? Is it very different from being a girl?

Anya, how do you know if you’ve become a boy or a girl?

I reread the part of your letter about the night garden. I think I will have to send you some of the plants I have planted, because the saplings of the trees from the fruit I got from you and the other fruit, which I think must have been from the house itself, glow in the dark. Perhaps they will be of use in the Night Garden. Perhaps not. The Night Garden does not seem like one of the things that has rules.

05-08-17_9:46:15 PM.png




I’m sorry my signing Kia is confusing. I’ve been trying out the name, for signing things with in short.

I’ve been rearranging the bits of fence around the house, weeding, pulling the lilypads out of the pool- that sort of thing. I just wish I had a way to filter the water- it looks awful.

05-08-17_9:54:25 PM.png

I’m putting in a new house floor with the chess money! It looks lovely.

Kiana, or Kia if you like.



I do not think that the house can stop panic attacks.  I think that the panic will follow me, no matter what I do.

I’m not sure what I’m afraid of, in the panic. Death? Fear?

Does Fear grow in the Night Garden? Or Death?

I read a story by a woman who met Death’s daughter. She carried a guitar with her. The guitar costs a soul, but it was a gift and Death has many souls to spare. Besides, I do not think that death’s daughter would have a soul in the same way I do.

Anya, do you have a soul? Do you know if souls exist? I think that Soul is just another word, a word for the thing that lives on when the body dies. A ghost.

Anya, are you a ghost? I don’t think so. I haven’t met a ghost yet, but I think they are about. They must be.

Do you think that ghosts get hungry?



3 Replies to “Chess”

  1. I forgot to comment here when I first read it, but yay! I’ve had the weekend from hell, but you’ll get your reply eventually. 🙂


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