Dove-Marisol 3

Dear Marisol,

Whatever you may think, such complete honesty is rare in anyone. I know, for one, that there are some things I am keeping back for very good reasons! I don’t think anyone would be upset by you- I’m certainly not.

Kiya and Kari are two peas in a pod! Kiya is wilder, and Kari is more reserved, but both of them are city girls through and through. I live in a very safe place, so they can go out and play, eat food from food stands for lunch, and make all kinds of new friends.

I don’t really have many non-job-related hobbies, but I like gardening and I do have to take care of the lab plants! Having the greenhouse does mean not needing a living room garden like yours. Our lab is properly called S.M.E.T.I. – it’s a little joke amongst lab techs. You probably wouldn’t get it.

I a happy to be part of your support group, Marisol. Dajon is certainly cute, and I think you look lovely in the photo for what it’s worth.

Here are the girl’s school photos- don’t they look nice?

04-30-17_4:52:02 PM.png04-30-17_4:52:52 PM.png04-30-17_4:55:02 PM.png



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