Aylin: Interim

I was visiting my sisters with Lilith the other day. She was in her dark form, and I don’t think she’s ever looked so lovely.

03-19-17_10:48:32 AM.png

And I…

03-19-17_10:48:41 AM.png

It went very well. I would never touch her mind, so I didn’t know what would happen, but I guess she liked it.

03-19-17_10:49:21 AM.png03-19-17_11:18:49 AM.png

It’s been a week. She’s moved in, and sometimes she surprises me in the evenings.

03-20-17_4:48:52 PM.png

I love her. And I’m willing to do anything to keep that.

03-20-17_4:50:09 PM.png

I know I’ll regret this, but what can I do?


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