04-20-17_10:07:31 PM.png


I’m Uni, (Universe) but you can call me Unicorn if you want. (Not me, the one typing. I’m typing for my friend because she’s not good with spelling. I’m Christy Galea.)

Wait, let’s try something…

04-20-17_10:12:32 PM.png

That’s better! Now I can make the machine do things myself!

Like I was saying, I’m Uni! I’m so glad I figured the floaty-thing out, because my English isn’t the best. But this way it doesn’t seem to matter what language I think in so long as I want it to be English.

I like my friend Christy! Sometimes I wish I could chat with other people, but it’s too dangerous. What if they call the Ghostbusters, like in that movie?

Sometimes I like to nap. I don’t have to, but I like to.

04-20-17_10:25:09 PM.png

I like getting food for Christy! This is how it works: when the nice people we live with leave food out, I take some, like this! They don’t see me, because I’m sneaky and careful and I don’t get seen when I don’t want to be seen.

04-20-17_10:11:06 PM.png

Then I give the food to Christy, like this! She gets pretty hungry when no one leaves food out sometimes, but that doesn’t happen too often. I think the girls who live here put dinner out early on purpose, just for us.

04-20-17_10:13:45 PM.png

I don’t like water. It reminds me of… stuff.

04-20-17_10:30:40 PM.png

Anyways, I hope you want to be my pen pal! I get lonely when Christy sleeps.



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