Pen Pals

Dove-Meadow 9

Dearest Meadow,

I am sorry to tell you that domestic violence is a thing my people have too. However, (have I told you this) my people are telepathic, and so abusers cannot hide from us. We consider violence against others absolutely abhorrent, so I was very glad to discover similar attitudes here are more common than we first thought from studying your movies and TV. Painting sounds like an amazing form of therapy- I watch Maki paint sometimes, and everything just seems to slip out onto the canvas.

04-03-17_2:45:10 PM.png

I am not so frustrated as I was last I wrote, because some of our inventions are finally hitting store shelves! Do you eat ice cream? If so, you may notice the new flavors Weight of the World and Taste of Diet- made using proprietary substances I helped create! I can assure you that both are perfectly safe and made from naturally synthesized materials- we always use plants as our base.

A cat can be a Chat or Minou and its diminutive Minet for Kitty (French) Gato or diminutive Gatito (Spanish) 猫 (Neko, Japanese) חתול (Chatool, Hebrew) Cica (Tzi-tsaw, a good cat) or Mazcsa (mawtch-kaw, a bad cat, Hungarian). These are the words I know or have collected from my friends over the years, and I’m sure to learn more! I will always send you new words for cat.

I think that calling a person broken should imply that it’s a fixable problem- but I also understand the negative connotations of saying that a person needs fixing. Words cannot communicate intentions, which is a very bad thing for your non-telepathic people. Maybe we need words that are different depending on the intention.

My littles are not so little anymore! Please excuse the flood of images.

04-03-17_8:38:01 AM.png04-03-17_8:38:39 AM.png04-03-17_11:56:56 AM.png04-04-17_3:03:11 PM.png

As Emily Dickinson wrote, “Hope is the thing with feathers”. Have hope, and have wings-


By Xaneathmar

Life is short and inspiration fleeting. Write what you can, while you can.

3 replies on “Dove-Meadow 9”

I love her letters so much! And look at those kids! Beautiful! 🙂

I want to age-up Jena, but I’ve decided to keep her in sync with Kaitlin’s kids… so more toddlering for a few months! Tots are adorable, too!

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