Dove-Meadow 8

Dear Meadow,

You cannot believe how wonderful it is to be able to speak freely to someone about my nature! Even with Maki and the girls, I still want to shout everything out to the world sometimes!

Maki and I really did meet again by chance, just as I told you. When we shared stories, we were so happy to have found one another! On my planet, it is said that Twin Roses ice cream is the food of lovers, so maybe it was destined!

04-03-17_7:43:33 AM

I am afraid that you are not spelling II  TTYE  quite right. There are two spaces after the E (like so “II  TTYE  “), for you see in my writing an empty space makes noise, and two of them is for the case. I will certainly send you a decryption code program and pronunciation guide I made at one point, to help in our writings! Also, I am a collector of words, specifically words for cat! Would Jena like my collection?

II  TTYE  is not really my name. It is the nickname my parents called me: Bittybee. My name is properly INWk, after a flying creature analogous to a dove. Your name would be ‘OWK:Ic’.

Tell Jena ‘TYYEDBEG’ (pronounced yttik ih) for me! I am so glad she loves my story, and so glad she loves making up stories! I will send you some pictures of how me and the littles look without our person disguises (not too different, actually).

04-03-17_7:35:16 AM04-03-17_7:36:01 AM

Space squirrels are out there too, believe me! Almost everything you can think of is out there! My bitties love it when I point out all the stars and tell them who lives there. There are so many people and things and other things that live out there, we are always learning new things about our world!

04-03-17_7:40:27 AM.png

Do you mind if I rant a little? It’s just… ugh. Half the stuff we discover at the lab we can’t market or use because it’s too dangerous, and the other half is too groundbreaking! The problem isn’t the stuff really, it’s people! People will use it wrong, or use it for harm, so we can’t let ANYONE have it!

I’m sorry about that. Humanity gets on my nerves sometimes. It’s like this anywhere else, I assure you.

Keep writing, and keep dreaming,



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