Planting Seeds

I apologize for the seeds all over the place. Perhaps next time the house will see it fit to enclose them in the envelope.

I have knocked together a planter pot and planted some of the purple flowers. I hope they come out pretty.

03-28-17_5:05:31 PM.png

I think I had a working bathroom when I started. Now I don’t. The remaining cabinets seem dingier too. Is it just me?

I made a shelf to put the figure on. It turned out fine.

03-28-17_5:00:28 PM.png

Sometimes I sleep on park benches.

03-28-17_5:16:18 PM.png

I make statues. Like one of a man with an umbrella. Or maybe a woman. I can’t tell. I made a table to put it on. The statue is better than the table.

03-06-17_3:06:39 AM.png

There are these posters on the walls, drawings. I’m going to sell them. They might be worth something.

I eat food out of garbage cans. It tastes okay. I try and find things that could be worth a few cents somehow.

I’m pretty much just a transient, Anya. I was anywhere, and now I’m here because I found a roof no-one was using.

I’m scared. I get these attacks of sadness, like a wave crashing over me. Carving the statues helps. I’m going to sell them too, see if that can make any money. Anya, how can I fix the house when I barely make enough to keep the lights on?

I think I have to start with the kitchen. It seems like the right place. The heart of the house.

Anya, I think I’m running out of time.



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