Pen Pals

Dove-Meadow 7

Dear Meadow,

The littles are still littles, I’m afraid. Time flows oddly in this world. Most are unaware of it (Maki is) but me and the littles can tell that not much time has been passing lately.


I’m writing from our new apartment! There’s more room here, so much more (I mean not really, but we all have rooms now so it feels like it) and the littles love it here! Our new neighbors are louder, though. I think we’re probably going to paint the walls, too.

03-14-17_11:05:16 PM.png

Also, a couple of pictures- Kari has learned spoons, and Kiya has learned sandwiches!

03-14-17_11:09:06 PM.png

03-14-17_11:10:28 PM.png

I would suppose that fabric and string would come to mind, but in our world time is knitted- a little of both, I guess. The string weaves and tucks and nips, and not all of it ends up here and some does that wasn’t there in the first place, and it creates a lovely scarf of you and me and our letters!

I am sorry to hear that you don’t know alien stories. Here is one I know:

Once, there was a little alien called II  TTYE   (you say it eebyttib, but I wrote it the way aliens write), and she went out one day in a big flying saucer with her daddies to fly around the stars! (Tell Jena that aliens can have a mommy or a daddy or both or two of one or three of any kind, so long as they all love one another.) And little II  TTYE   saw a pretty planet as they were passing by, and she asked her daddies if they could go there. And her daddies said “Sure, II  TTYE   (which wasn’t her real name, just a nickname, really), we can go there and find a new friend!” And so they went down to the planet, like landing in a sculpted bowl, and they sent down a pretty beam of light and they picked up a girl! And the alien and the girl went all around the solar system together, and they had the best time and had ice cream (it was Twin Roses, but you can say whatever flavor Jena likes) and when they had to go home they said they’d meet up again one day!

It’s a good story. I tell it to my little bittybees all of the time. They love it when I make the swoosh-swoosh-saucer noises, and tickle them up and down and all around the room!

03-19-17_8:13:10 AM.png

If you want I can send Jena a super-secret decryption code so she can learn alien writing. The symbols are the same as our writing, but they make different sounds.

I didn’t really have imaginary friends as a kid. My “pretend friend” was real, but she lived a long way away, so I used to pretend we were talking and stuff and whenever we had Twin Roses ice cream I always asked for a bowl for her.

03-19-17_9:19:34 AM.png

I can confirm (though how is a longer story) that you do, in fact, have a friend from the big “way out there”. It’s a big place, with lots of people, so you really shouldn’t be surprised. We blend right in.



PS: If Jena asks what the human girl’s name is, you can say Jena, or even Ms. Goodenough, but really it was Maki.

By Xaneathmar

Life is short and inspiration fleeting. Write what you can, while you can.

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