Dove-Meadow 6

A reply to: A letter from Meadow

Dear Meadow,

I’m not sure how time flows between our respective worlds, but I can tell you that the bitties are up and walking now! The appliances are mostly as fixed as they get, but we got a new tub to replace the shower while the little ones are still little so I’m working on that. It’s a form of stress relief, I suppose.03-01-17_11:04:32 PM.png

Maki is a godsend. Every day I come home, I praise the stars that we live together. I couldn’t do any of this without her. She takes care of everything from breakfast to bedtime. Honestly, I’m amazed.

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Work is hard, but I just live for those precious moments- coming home to read them to bed or kiss them goodnight makes it all worthwhile.

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The offer from your brother sounds interesting, but I’m pretty rooted here. I’ll tell my co-workers, though.

How wonderful that Jena likes to feed the kitties! My girls don’t seem to want to settle on any one toy right now, though they do like the dollhouse. If Jena likes being called a kitty-cat, I see no reason not to. Nicknames or real names, you should always be called something that reflects yourself. You got lucky, having such a good name.

Kiya has discovered chicken nuggets and knocking things off the high chair, Kari has discovered pots and pans, and I have discovered a sort of serum that I think could be revolutionary in the weight loss industry- all very hush-hush, of course.

Tell Jena some stories about aliens. Feel free to tell her you know someone from all the way past Mars! If Jena wants true stories, tell her about the strange things out there, the wild and the wonderful. Open her mind to believing more than just what her eyes see.

This apartment has been feeling cramped lately, with the four of us running around. I’ve been checking out the for let section in the papers, so next time I write it may be from a new house!

All the best,



3 Replies to “Dove-Meadow 6”

  1. Adorable moments that didn’t make the cut- Maki leaves her garden salad for a moment to empty out the coffeepot, salad gets stolen by hungry toddler.

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