Moss 0: Me

What is it that prompts people to take on things that are harder than they can handle?

02-07-17_6:54:37 PM.png
The first time I entered this house, I knew I would stay here.

Is it some sort of courage? A determination to do the impossible?

02-07-17_6:56:21 PM.png
The walls are half-missing. Air flows in. It is cold and ruined.

Or is it hubris? A belief that you can somehow succeed where no one else can? That you can make something great, something world-shaking, out of rubble?

02-07-17_6:56:33 PM.png
Only the bathroom is intact, and that barely. Everything is overgrown.

Or is it just the knowledge that you’ll never do anything else? A desire to leave a mark, even one that gets easily erased?

02-07-17_6:56:46 PM.png
The pool looks filthy, but there are plants, so at least it’s not toxic. I still wouldn’t swim in it.

Maybe it’s something in all of us, something human.

02-07-17_7:07:14 PM.png
I found some clothes piled on the floor. No one will miss them.

Maybe this is the only thing left.

02-07-17_11:40:17 PM.png
The only reason this is still here is because it’s too heavy to steal. It’s something.

Maybe you are running away.

02-07-17_11:55:32 PM.png
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